Are You Being Accountable to Your Steem Friends Outside the Platform? Still in Touch with the Inactive Ones?

in dtube •  15 days ago 

I see a lot of people ave stopped being active on the platform lately, but I am just wondering if you guys are still keeping in touch with your Steem friends outside the platform? I try to reach out to a few on discord, but thing is, if they are not active on the platform then they are most likely not active on discord either. Do you have their other personal contacts? i think that is how real friendship ought to be. Your Thoughts?

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That's a nice place to make a vlog. I love your current hairstyle. :)
I totally understand how you may feel. For me, to be honest I didn't manage to make any 'friendship' on steemit. But yeah, I miss some of my steem connections around. And it really feels bad to not see them around. I don't have any other contract of them so can't do much. :(

Well, I basically have acquaintances on steem. The ones I'm close to are still active.

If the platform bores you. Use third-party tools to vlog. You can use YouTube, build there whilst creating content that shows up here. Killing two birds with one stone.

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

I just logged in here for the first time in months. I came to your post to say, yes, there are about three or four people Ive kept in touch with outside steem, after being one of the most prominent and well known names on the platform for a couple years running but having been inactive almost 100% for well over six months. So, no, in general, all those "friends of opportunity" that surrounded me for so long, disappeared. A few friends of substance and I have stayed in touch, making the effort.

And though I will vote or comment on very very little today, you got this comment, because you are one of the few people here who just radiate an attractive personality and stand out in the crowd.

Your point here is valid, on any social media network. To all I say, choose your "real" friends here wisely.