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Oh, and here’s my referral if you are planning to use it... 😏

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Well, I delegate to them so I get paid upvotes occasionally. I love getting notifications when people comment, mention me, or upvote my content. I can reply through my phone, etc. Plus I get points for checking in, upvoting, commenting and so forth which can then be used to power up an upvote bot to upvote your own posts that are made exclusively through the app. I started using it because Steepshot stopped working and I couldn't download an updated version.

But I can watch DTube videos, my feed and so on through the app. It's really worth looking at. is my referral if you want to use it instead. LOL.

But haven't looked back once I started. It's really good.


Oh Man!
Thanks so much for the comprehensive feeback. It does seem like such a great Steem Tool. I am totally going to give it a try before end week.

I'll be back with a review :)

Well, first of all, the UI is fresher, flashier, user friendlier than other mobile apps.
Second, @partiko shares its SP, by upvoting posts that are posted via Partiko... (only quality and the more points, you have, the more upvotes you get)

And third, the points system gets you bigger upvotes if you redeem them...

Briefly, it’s a great app!

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You can redeem points for upvotes? I think I'm Sold!!
I will definitely be looking into it. Link appreciated :)))

You're behind the ball if you're not using partiko already haha

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Oh man! Not you too... Right on it!😛😊


I'm way behind


Hahaha! Me too ❤ We should change that.