I Hate My Job But the Money is Good| RESPONSE..

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Hey Guys,

I did a very interesting video response this morning to a very interesting Question from Bruno on Mosaeek.com

The Question was, What do you do when you hate your job but the money is so darn good? Lol... I really loved thinking about this and delving into this video. What advice would you give to anyone struggling with this? Here's my honest 2 Steem Cents!


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i love my job(s), i love life, i love the internet, i love video! :)

As it should be :) Happy Creating!

It's much better to love and job and money from this job. That's prefect!

It's much better to
Love and job and money from
This job. That's prefect!

                 - bairachnyi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Money is just one type of asset... time, health, and good people are other types of assets... assets bring you value of the course of years... the question is, what does the individual value most?