Too Much Screen Time is Killing My Eyes!! Solutions?

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Hey Guys/

Lately I am having the worst of times at the end of the day. My eyes really hurt and sometimes become blurry. I am thinking it is as result of too much screen time and not enough eye protection? Do you know of any working solutions? I've been told there are glasses that could help with that so I'm gonna look into that as well.


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I use this app that gives daily eyes exercise. It's working for me, no more blurry vision. Try it

I was actually looking into apps yesterday, Thank you for the recommendation Kode :)

well, the obvious solution is to reduce the screen time! :D Apart from that it's all temporary. Special glasses might help as well as eye drops.

I have some eye drops but they are for dry eyes, I need a pair of those glasses, maybe an optician would have them?

Yes. In all matters eyes related visiting a doctor is the best course of action:)

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Giving your eyes (and brain) a couple of minutes away from screen every hour also helps :)

Heheh, Well, I'll try every 2 hours :) Thanks for the tip xo

I'm suffering the same after 30 years of screen time. Last 15 years have been non stop 10+ hours a day. This is insane. For sure our eyes are worth more than anything that is we are doing.

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I think it's not too late to do something about it, I am looking into solutions, Keep you posted on What I find. Health is Wealth :D

My eyes are already bad which is why working on the phone is a bummer
But my glasses have all sorts of layers (or so the guy tells me) to help some with screen time
I do make it a point to get up and get away from the screen as often as possible
Not only for the eyes but to get some exercise and stretches for overall health

I think I should start looking into some exercises as well, though I really don't like it. Do the glasses help?

Yes, just stretching at least
Every hour give yourself a 10minuter of walking, stretching
And you have a beautiful place, like the perfect place for walks 😊

I would like to think it works
My son also wears a pair and his power has maintained some even though he is such a gadget freak

But I think for you, do some of those eye exercises
Google it
There’s a whole conspiracy theory behind glasses hahaha
But without getting into it, google Eye Exercise ... it should help 😊

Use red moon screen filter for your mobile phone, it really helps reduce blue light which might b the reason for your strains.

I take it that is an app? I will look into it today. Thank you for the recommendation :)

yes its a mobile're welcome

I work behind the computer all day and then relax by watching videos or play games behind a screen. So there's basically very little time during my daily routine where I'm not staring at a screen. It does come with some headaches and sometimes my eyes hurt. The solution I've come up with is just to get plenty of sleep, then I'm good for a few days again. :P