PERSPECTIVE: Looking At STEEM As a Retirement Plan| 20 Years From Now...

in dtube •  2 months ago

I recently read a very interesting article that was giving STEEMS Price Projections in like 17 years, putting into account inflation, market supply and wha not, and the author project a $47 per Steem price. It got me and very many others on why it is very crucial at this moment to THINK of Steem as a Long Term Goal than what it really is at the moment. In this vlog I want to delve further in to this topic. Can you image How Much Wealth You'll Have if you HOLD for Just 20 Years?? :))))

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This has been my plan all along
And I'm hanging out with some people I like... so it's not too hard
17 years isn't too far away... and if I am not around it will go to the kids...
Thanks to you, I just gave them some instructions :D


I will be 76 then. My kids definitely needs money now and will take any of mine. Lord, give me strength!

You should have a weekly project for your kids. They all work together and everyone gets a post out. It can be anything. School work even or a creation they made. They everyone resteems including you. Less than one hour - done! Friday night steeming with the kids, or whatever name.

If you need any more unasked for advice, I am always here :)


Yeah the youngest is on the Spunkeemonkee challenge and one more keeps pestering me for SteemMonsters
I was supposed to have already started him on it

But thought I’d just tell them what needs to be done incase something were to happen.
i don’t have much ... now... bit still I want them to be prepared
I’d be 68 🙃 and your advice is always appreciated 😊


You Can Still Travel Around the World at 76! Enjoy the remaining part of your life to the Max😊😊😃


Hehee.... Better give them those Keys already! I doubt they will need to work by then if you keep up like this. Too Much Wealth for them to make use of.


I like the sounds of that

I use Steembottracker/steemdash/ to check my wallet. The difference is that it shows it to 6 decimel places. Even if I think my account isn't moving, the Steem Power is increasing faster and faster even if I leave the account alone.

The price of steem doesn't matter so much when in 20 years how much do you think your steem power will be.

I hope Steem is still around then.

What about inflation? Will that drive the orice of Steem up over time too?

Something to consider.

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I Have set my Payouts to 100 Power Up in order to get there faster. If you are looking to power up faster that's a great alternative/ option.

I am not really into all that inflation aspect, I can't tell you how it works, but i do know it is a good thing that will drive the price of STEEM UP.

I have read that they're planning another decrease to author rewards pretty soon. I feel like I may have missed the boat in terms of high rewards. It might be slow growth for me, but... eh, I'm not really here for the money, but I know some people are, so to them I hope they don't get disheartened and leave.

I hope the retirement prediction is true

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What does that mean? Decrease in Author rewards? And where did you read it?
I think if you can, do whatever you must to buy in even if it's 100 steem a month. It will really go a long way in future, sacrifice entertainnent or drink or whatever for sometimw to make it happen 😊

I think a mid-long term investment is a good way to look at Steem. Probably more mid-term than long. "Retirement plan" depends on how old you are. If you're 18, then you may suddenly come into some good money if Steem moons in 5 years for example. Then in that case I'd advice you to leverage that cash to do some basic things in your 20's like - Pay off debt, travel, start looking at real estate... etc.

If you're closer to 60, and you're debt-free, then you may be looking at leaving something for kids (if you have any), or finally buying that yacht to sail to that Island near Zanzibar :)


Hahaha Damn! How I wish I was 18!!!! I Could be traveling the world non stop before 30...Aaargh
For Me I am just at the right age to start thinking of retirement, and probably investments IF Steem Moons....I like to be on the Super Pessimistic Side of things though to not get disappointed. WHAT IF IT NEVER MOONS?
Then What?

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