My Vlog Journey Day 50: The Road to Steem Fest | The Actual Road

in #dtubelast year (edited)

In less than a month, we will be meeting up each other in Bangkok! Wow!

Everything planned? Everything booked? Everything ready?

Well, last year @aaronleang did most of the planning. And I just made payment and then followed. And this year, Aaron is not going. So nobody is planning for me. 😅 sob sob sob.

So, basically I don't have a planned plan. Rough plan yes.

SteemFest ticket - YES. Got it.

Accommodation - YES. Gonna share with the girls @khimgoh @kaerpediem @littlenewthings. Thanks to @waybeyondpadthai for recommending the cool place. And heard that there will be others staying here too. Can't wait to meet you all.

Air ticket - OK, Gonna get this ASAP. I know I have been planning to buy my air ticket like for ages ago... 🤣😅 Need this FAST. Coz without the air ticket, I won't be getting there, right? Ya. OK. Kick myself!

How about you? You still have about 3 days to go before this topic due. So quickly share your ACTUAL ROAD!

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I have absolutely no plans
But I think it is okay not to have things planned out to the minute because SF4 sounds like a lot happening
And then depending on who we meet and how it pans out... we work with that
Sometimes, it is best to let it unfold
And things will be good :D

Looking forward to meet you there!!! you got yourself a nice Little Crew there for your place to stay!! When do you arrive?

I think the main stuffs are done (except your air ticket)

The next thing is to know the venue and how to get there from our place would be good enough.

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