Speedpaint - Steep Dachshund (ES)

in dtube •  5 months ago

Hello dear friends!

I like digital painting and graphics (pen, pen, marker). But now I am at the stage of development and mastering of these directions. However, this is a ladder to the sky, there is no end point, I understand it, and interest guides me.
I want to give positive and happiness to everyone, and also to enjoy every little thing in life. I want to give magic to the color and recharge with positive energy.

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Hahahahaaha. The whole idea of the dog on goggles got me laughing out loud... Your work is beautiful and amusing


Thank you. Great.
I'm glad that you liked it.


Wish you'd visit my blog, I just completed a beautiful 3D art. I'm positive that you'd like it. Thanks...

Ahahaha :-))
Wow, super cool dachshund ..
I like it, class!


Thank you.

Funny and sweet dog. Love it <3