Another MALE in the Cannabis Garden (Example) - Please Help Verify Before Chop

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I am 99% sure I have spotted another male in my garden. Unfortunately it is one of my 7 ft. tall Vampires, and will cut a huge chunk out of the overall crop yield this season once I remove it. Before I do however, I wanted to ask the Smoke community what their thoughts are.


I will keep this short and sweet, as I am still currently battling a myriad of other plant issues, and have to get back in the garden. Enclosed is a photo and a short video to show you what I am dealing with. I hope you other growers are having some better luck than I am right now - I am dealing with some of the worst grow issues, and all at the same time.


From August 6th 2019

Click pic or link below to play video

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Blessings everyone & stay tuning into the right frequencies

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That really sucks man. Sure looks male. Sorry

Yea I had to rip it out, I couldn't let it sit there even another hour. The risk was too high. When I pulled out the rootball however, it looked extremely healthy and normal... so I guess it is only nute burn and nute lockout. It seems there is also an aeration issue. I implemented the Hygrowzyme with today's watering, so hopefully it will help.

Too bad you had to get rid of one of your big plants, but on the bright side you got to get a good look at the roots. At least now you know more about what’s going on down there.

Happy to hear you’re starting the hygrozyme. ✌️💚😎💨

Me too, I am anxiously awaiting some good results from the Hygrowzyme...

That’s great. I’m confident you will be pleased with the results. It would be awesome if maybe after seeing your results you could do a review of the product. ✌️

No doubt, hopefully it helps. I need to get them healthy so I can hit them with one more dose of lime sulfur before they start apparently forming flowers. I cannot hit them with it when they are suffering/recovering.