Let's Make a Movie, Steemit! #1

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My name is Einar, I'm a filmmaker and actor from Estonia and I got this idea to make a found-footage horror film about a guy who starts a Steemit blog and accidentally documents himself getting abducted by aliens. I want to blog the whole process of making this film on Steemit and invite you to be a part of it! This will be a great adventure and you can support the funding of the movie by just upvoting and resteeming the daily blogs! Everyone who supports this project on Steemit will get credited in the finished film and will be part of the making of the film as I'm working on it. Let's make a movie, Steemit!

Film Production Blog on Steemit: http://www.steemit.com/@einarkuusk
Second Steemit blog: http://www.steemit.com/@einarscorner
Subscribe on DTube:

Join the chat on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vVcZrF8
Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/einarkuusk
Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kuuskeinar
Follow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/einarkuusk

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/kuusk
ETHER ADDRESS: 0x07CbbF10B1cfB1538e979560BA59EA0b35B54FA4
DASH ADDRESS: Xqwup3hSL2qzdD5jBPV8jLwvyUCmo9g3JW
DOGE ADDRESS: DJ6mHFuif5BUbhqXiPrpY7hZ2E88GgPjzc

▶️ DTube

I can compose music for film:

Let us know when that movie is ready for watching. I want to be the first customer to watch.

Looking forward to see it.

You will know every detail by following this production blog! :)


Thank you! :) Yes, if they're done right. And I aim to do just that.

Making a short movie as well trying to fund it with all the reward from steem! Let’s join the forces and make steemit a place For filmmakers as well!!

Hi Einar
Great idea. Fun to see the Steemians in your film. Good luck and Cheers.
Waiting to watch the film and promote.

I'm also active in the films. :)
You have got some support from Slovenia too now. ;)
If you need anything, ask. Maybe I (we) can help.

Please consider signing your films to the Shots film short film festival, where I'm one of the co-hosts. ;)

All the best with the project!

Hello Slovenia! Let's keep in touch.

Would love to be a part of the team. Stay blessed. Followed for more updates.

This sounds like a great idea! I love filming so I am looking forward to read more about it. But I hope that poor Steemit Blogger won't get probed by the aliens. :D

This is such a fresh and interesting idea. I'm excited to see how it plays out. Sadly, I'm new here so I wouldn't know how to help. Would there be any way for those without enough of resources to help you in your project? (maybe others could be wondering this as well) Good luck! :)

The only way I can think how you can help is either upvote, donate via paypal or crypto or if you're really good at something and I can use you in the team - send me your work!

Good luck Einar, big things about to happen!!

Thanks! YES!!

Hey :) Nice to find another filmmaker on Steemit. A few of us have started using the tag #steemfilm. Join us if you like!

Cool! I will! :) thanks

i upvote my 1 cent doesnt do much but will help :D good luck with the movie :)

This an Interesting post to me as I am releasing at the moment THE JUJU GUM CONSPIRACY a film I did as the first exclusive world premiere on steemit. I invite you to join the party come check it out and maybe that could let us to develop the steemit filmmakers community together. I present the film on my page and my partner and co-creator @juliakponsford present all the behind the scene, process and the extra JUJU.

Yes I heard about it from my friend AusBitBank! Awesome! Let's do it!

WORD! I do a lot of music as well, let me know if you need any!

Great! Where can I listen to your work? Do you post on DSound?

and BOOM! 18 original tracks playlist The download link is expired but just click the image of the Vache Morte pirate ship and you'll be ready to sail.

also for my FILM MUSIC the easiest way for you to hear my flavor would be to actually listen my film because I did all the music and soundscape for it :)
You are in luck it's on right now.

Make it an open source script writing :) weekly summary of the best ideas or smthing!
Good luck with this!

That's a great idea.

cant wait to see what you create.. upvoted, followed and love it!

This idea is very good!Can you bring me?

Hi @einarkuusk, I am an e-resident of Estonia and have wanted to meet some Estonia on this platform for a while. Glad to see that you are creating something specifically about steemit and I hope plenty of people will support your project as well :)

Hey man! Thanks alot. Is it easy to become an E-resident?

Probably not if you are Estonian :D Seems like there are a growing number of e-residents and the government of Estonia is creating an interesting digital community (largely driven by entrepreneurs I suspect) along with a future digital economy. I admire the forward thinking and progress vision of the country. Might just have to go and visit one of these days.

The application process is easier now but I think the fees have increased: https://e-resident.gov.ee/

That sounds like a fun idea. Can't wait to learn more about it.

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
Be sure to follow my account @zoewilliamson
Best of luck to you!

... kui peaksid abikäsi Eestist vajama, siis oleksin hea meelega nõus aitama-osalema. GL.

@einarkuusk you have mine and all my friends support!! This whole idea is badass and we will help in every way ^_^

Great idea make a short movie on it

I'll make a feature!

hi, welcome, good luck! see ya


Sounds great cant wait to be part of d whole show ...@einarkuusk nice job and idea. .steemit hot

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