YouTube Is Killing Itself With The Newest Update

in dtube •  4 months ago 

Hello there guys, I know I did not upload any videos for some time but I was sick, after I filmed this video I got even more sick and there was no way I could find any energy to upload this video or make any new ones since it was least on my mind. But yeah there are some cool news that I have to inform you gys about.

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Thank you for letting us know what's going on in the world of centralized media. This update makes no sense at all. They're punishing the innocent creators, who is not the ones who is at fault. Those who are leaving comments that actually violate their terms of service should be demonetized/striked, NOT the creator of the video they're leaving comments on. 😡

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Yeah this is bit too much even for them, determenating someone else´s future based on what other people do write in their comment sections is straight up crazy. One man alone if he writes enough of the mean comments can take down a livelyhood of another person and that is scary...

This video made me want to disable comments for all my old videos on YouTube...


Scaries thing about all of that is the fact that the platform they made it should´ve been about the community, creators and people who watch them. But now content creators will be forced to have their comment sections turned off for the sake of keeping their livelyhood which sucks...

$rewarding 100% 12min

why you feel sick?

I understand the outrage of what triggered the #adpocalypse2 however, now that seems like it was a plan to roll out this nonsense!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I've been telling independent creators for years they are coming after them. They don't disable or remove earnings from MSM videos with toxic comments. Only independent creators!


But the man who started it is one of the biggest pieces of shits on the internet. I do never say anything mean to anyone on the internet and YouTube/DTube even if I don´t like the content or what content creator is doing. But what that asshole did(I dont even want to mention his name) is purly out of attention...