What Needs To Happen Before Big YouTubers Choose DTube Over YouTube

in dtube •  4 months ago 

This is kind of a follow up video to the one @exyle made few days ago, I thought that it is a really interesting topic and as somebody who uses both platforms I wanted to share my unbias opinion on what I think needs to happen before we see big YouTubers move over to DTube.

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D. Tube is just simply not working as is should, and they making some new adds to D.Tube but is nonsense to me as there is even search engine broken since I joined weeks ago. Youtube is not interesting me as Is a part of google corporation. So I am still search for platform..

I just cannot upload the videos when I use the Dtube .It's totally blank on the upload page so I can just use the YouTube .Could anyone tell me how to use Dtube ?

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