"60 Seconds of Steem" - Ed Privat

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What's up Steemit!!!

Lately I have been really working non-stop from 4:30am to 9pm, and I am actually addicted to it.
While I was on my way to Pretoria I decided to do my promo video, my first try was on the train, then in a uber car, then a second uber, and finally UberX looked so much better with the leather seats, I kept this one.

It's a promo inspired by all the short ads you can find on Youtube for investors like "RaginBulls.com", crypto enthusiasts, and motivational speakers.
I try to keep it short and efficient, of course I have a french accent so I had to really work on my pronunciation.

If my video get picked, I would like to add some of the keywords I am saying to appear on the screen, if anyone knows how to do that, please contact me !!

Steemit train ad.png

I gave it a try on the train, but the train was so loud and I looked crazy talking about STEEM.(nothing wrong with that)

I am starting a 7 to 330 job in few days, but of course I will always find time to keep on curating music on Steemit and spread the cryptogospel.
I hope you enjoy my vid, and good luck to all the amazing content creators out there!


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I saw that great ad by Luno today, great job to raise awareness on new currencies!!! :) And funny!
#dinosaurs #new #revolution #blockchain #steem #steemit #musicoin #choon #eos #ethereum #bitcoin

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Originally - very simple video))!


Thanks @behelen :) that's kind of you !

nice work @edprivat, We love your energy! Thanks for taking part!
If you think its useful, you might include your @Steem.Ninja instant sign up referral link in the description so that you can get rewarded for each new user that you onboard as a result of your video! :) steem.ninja referrals


Omg you're a champ, that's more than useful, we do that with Musicoin for our referral program and it's a nice incentive. I do feel that we are more newcomers lately, that's good!

Good to see ya and hear ya talk to us Ed!


Thanks for the support!!

This is great, Ed! I love it when people I follow throw me for a loop and do something I’m not expecting—thank you, sir, happy Friday!

And it’s particularly refreshing to have something in my feed this morning other than another bajillion powerhousecreatives resteems!


You sir are on a kind streak, so I am just gonna let you spread love around, I hope the Costa Rician (am I saying that right?) weather is good, we got some rain here which I know is your favorite dish, it reminds me of the UK, but warmer...

@edprivat, True, now times are changing and we have the opportunities to explore our passion, we all know that without passion it reflects as we are staying apart from our soul. This effort to spread the word of Steem is really appreciable.

Great to know that you are musician and no matter how busy your schedule is, you are putting efforts in Curating music related posts. Keep up and more success to you.

Stay Blessed.

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THanks brother for passing by !


Welcome and have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

It's great that this 60-second beautiful video has done you a lot of good and I really appreciate this 60-second video, thank you, thank you for presenting you so beautiful video


Yeah you actually right, it made me realise the good stuffs about this platform, because i had to make a mental list of what's good here, inherent of the bad things that we must aknowledge too

Nice video live streaming



Great, short (because it must be 60 sec :P ) You say good thinks about steemit ! Peace :)


Thanks @emsonic ! Yeah I wanted it to be short

Great work Ed we need massive promotion! nice to see advertising in South Africa wow to see anything similar in the UK would be incredible 💯🐒


Thanks! We do need something big :_) Imagine the impact that we could have in people's live

Nice video live streaming