How To Draw An Eagle By EdgarsArt

in dtube •  6 months ago

Eagle Drawing

Finally I somehow uploaded to Dtube. I needed to cut the video shorter, to being able to upload it. I hope i will be able to upload more and everyday. Want to get my how to draw daily back on track!

In this video I am drawing an Eagle. Something I have not shared anywhere and for a fact, something I have not drawn. I remember only once I did a drawing of an eagle, about 2 years ago with charcoal. I remember I sold that work to an art collector from England.
Also now I am drawing everything basically what I have not drawn before. Going a way a bit from Tigers and Lions and drawing some eagles, monkeys-Yes i will draw a monkey too soon.

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Really amazing work edgar, as always :) I'm starting to make videos as well now. Will start posting them soon :)


Thank you:) Oh awesome, will look forward to catching those:)

Great stuff! Great art of your eagle there! Followed your page, and upvoted to support. I’m having trouble w uploading Dtube so I can relate to what u mean. Great ur able to upload this though!

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Oh you are having some of that too? It is really frustrating.... because I have really a lot of new content, due to hardfork thing etc

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