SteemPress - Permanent Backup Solution! - A Blocktrades sponsored contest

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WordPress users struggle with the right plugins to use to take care of things they don't want to think about - this includes backups. As a wordpress user myself, I can report that before I found steem I lost a lot of content to the abyss when moving between domains, lapsing in hosting plans, or just taking time off.

I always had some backup plugin, the question was if it would work (of if I could figure it out or find it) months later when I really needed it. In the end it often came down to me saving some weird file type and a text document with instructions on how to use it and which plugin to use it with.

SteemPress has turned this on its head, by using the power of Steem to lock the content immutably into the blockchain, there is literally no need to worry anymore about losing the written word. This is powerful for wordpress users, because the best solutions can often be something they pay for.

You might think it strange that I didn't mention 'getting paid' in the video. That's because I don't believe we should be marketing that way, and I have begun to write extensively about that. When users find out later that they get 'a little something extra' they will fall in love. But when we sell the money upfront, it twists everything with impossible expectations. Let's allow people to do what they are already doing (in this case backing up their blogs) and find out about the rest of it on their own schedule.

Here is the youtube link for those in need:

Thank you to Blocktrades for sponsoring this contest!
And thanks to BenSound.Com for the royalty free music!

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