Memory Palace: Python Mutability (Section Wrap-Up)

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The following video is from an online educational course produced by Mnemonic Academy that teaches the basics of Python programming using mnemonics, metaphors and the science of learning titled "Learn Python: Like a Bee Student", taught by instructor Dylan Jorgensen

Welcome to our first mnemonic walkthrough.

Consider these section wrap up videos to be 100% optional.

I personally find it fun to make stories in a visually connected location to help lock in newly learned mnemonics. But I know this kind of thing is more helpful for some than others so I don't' expect these walkthroughs to appeal to everyone.

That said, If it is your thing I recommend trying to imagine this whole story again tonight just before you fall asleep. You most likely will be able to remember the mnemonics but then try to challenge yourself to see if you can remember the concepts each mnemonic is referencing.

Once that becomes natural, it will be hard not to make the jump in everyday life. From that point on it's easy sailing because you will be "learning amazing concepts, through effortless associations"

In this walkthrough we heard the story of how the Tron Light Cycle was used to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

Then we met a group of shady politician Python snakes and learned about their plans to move to Jupiter.

After that we met a butterfly who had a hard day at work, and a Ninja Turtle bartender that had all the right answers for him.

Along with a pair of professional streakers who came up with an ingenious plan to use a "hello my name is" name tag to sneak back into their local football stadium, and do what they were put on this earth to do… streak.

And finally we ended with a heart warming tale of how a group of penguins escaped their zoo enclosure by acting low class.

All photos used have creative commons licence and links to the original authors can be found here at the Learn Python: E-Book.,,

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