DtubeDaily 1000 followers on Twitter. THANK YOU

in #dtube5 years ago

We have been on twitter for a while trying our best to get Your videos and the name of the @dtube platform out there.

And thankfully now that the community got together we are all doing this.

If You don't follow us on Twitter yet... This is the moment.


Go follow us now and say hello.

Also when sharing your videos in there don't forget to tag us @dtubedaily that way You will make it easier for us to find your videos.

Thank You for all Your love and support. Let's keep building the community.

Much Love,

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Uhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!! That's awesome mate! Ddaily fam rules Twitter :D booom!

Congratulations your new achievement.
It means a lot. Go ahead with hustling. Cheers.

This is wonderful.... Congratulations

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I am still waiting for the official @dtube app for iOS

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The slow churn of the often unnoticed but determined!

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