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RE: IT IS BEGUN: Corn Shortage Brazil - Food Scarcity Means Submit to Greta

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We could feed the world's hungry many times over if we stopped feeding the world's grain to other sentient animals, and ate it ourselves. I agree that people should grow as much food as they're able to.


...and stop using it to convert to corn ethanol, in which the process to produce isn't any more environmentally friendly than standard gasoline.

I hear that hemp could power many things once powered by those products. The technology was kinda suppressed 100 years ago, but it's still around, and could be developed at scale. But certain powers that be might not be ready for that yet... maybe it's being held back for financial/control reasons.

I wonder what the viability of using hemp over plastics in our clothes is. Hemp, once dispersed into the environment after breaking down through the washing and drying processes would seem to settle naturally back into the environment versus plastic synthetic fibers.

I have about 20 shirts at any point. When they tire out, I cut them up for rags.
Currently, of about 20 shirts, 1 is hemp, 19 are various cottons and synthetics.
The hemp shirt is tied for the oldest. I've worn and washed it hundreds of times. It was never the prettiest, or the most brightly-coloured, but it has retained its colour and shape. It's comfortable, light, but warm and breathable. I didn't like it when it was gifted to me, but over the years it became one of my all-time favourites.

This slideshow seems to have some decent info if you're interested:

Aw, I remember getting that hemp shirt in Victoria. Wow, that seems like ages ago now. Well, I guess it was about a decade.

I have a hoodie and a tshirt made of hemp (and I think a blend of something else), theyr'e nice and heavy, thick and warm. Sometimes hemp is too heavy, so it makes a nice blend with cotton just like bamboo. We should get more hemp clothing, and items, hopefully it'll be increasingly easy just like it was to find vegan products in stores.

Mmmm yeah, the more hemp, the merrier! <3

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