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A BBQ and bourbon festival was waiting outside the venue to greet us today when we pulled up to Beat Kitchen on Belmont Ave in perfectly temperate Chicago, IL. From the green room I had a pretty great view as the light outside hit its golden hour and decided the time was right to lay down this half-ambient, half-DNB experiment of a song.

I'm doing tons of FM modulation simultaneously here by shifting the Just Friends from lfo to audio rate speed and distributing its six related outputs to all manner of modulation points in the patch ... including the filter cutoff governing some of the character of the audio rate FM being produced by the unit itself, leading to some off the wall warbles and emergent rhythms. I also evidently still can't get enough of the internal LPG in the Mutable Instruments Plaits, as I have yet to patch it through a VCA. It's rad when a unit has a complete and total sound of its own, and the inclusion of a strikeable LPG on such a Buchla-y (esp for a digital piece) unit to begin with has me hooked!

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Dude this is awesome!

I'm loving the way you are operating that diabolical machine !!! 😃

Hi Drumoperator,
Wow - that is pure art bro!
Wonderful sound morphing with killer beats!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thanks my man really appreciate it as always!

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