#Songaday - Ep. 001 (Electro, House, Lofi)

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Decided to take on the #songaday challenge put out there by @jamesorvis and I'm pretty excited about both the results and the process. I love the concept of allocating a fixed regular two hour window to do this, but as has been the norm, I went appreciably over between last night's late night sound design work and today's drilling of the execution. I've been wanting to do more demonstrative videos as far as how I use the Push 2 to control Ableton, which in turn does most of the heavy lifting sequencing the modular ... I think this daily format will be perfect and hopefully somewhat informative. If anybody has questions on how to drive a Eurorack with Ableton, I'm your guy, yes it took about two hundred different iterations and yes I will gladly skip you ahead six months. Ask away.

Unusual features specific to this patch: The main arpeggio (which is somewhat buried) is actually a melody voiced across two different waveforms, both with different tunings, with the Make Noise Maths using the gate trigger by the notes to also trigger a maths envelope crossfading the other oscillator in. It's a concept that would take about six seconds to build in Serum (or any other plugin) but executing live on a modular somehow -feels- more exciting. I'm also shipping some of this modulation summed with a slow whole note sine curve from Batumi over to my trusty Doepher bitcrusher. Putting a disgusting bitcrusher on the main melody of your song and turning it into a percussive element for half the lead may not be your thing. It is however, my thing.

Camera audio on this one. Going to mix and master the capture tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Awesome! Magic! I got the push, I need the other big thing next to the push, the one with lots of cables inserted in it, not sure what it is, it looks so crowded with cables and lights...what purpose does it serve? :)))

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Try as you might not going to get that sound in the box. Sweet and upvoted.

Amazing work as always my friend. Love it.

Wow! Epic modular setup!

I actually know a girl that was working as a sales manager at Erica Synths. Latvian based modular things...

I bet you know them! Great job!


Also don’t be mad when I completely rip off your thumbnail style for dtube vids. Sick dude.


:D haha


And great to hear that you enjoy Latvian products! :)


The hi-hats you are hearing in this video are totally the stock hats from the Erica Pico Drum! And, for that matter, the chordal stuff is secretly my prophet 600 being run into the modular and hitting their black hole dsp. Great company. And surprisingly fast shipping to the states!

siiiiiiick . Im thinking about adding push to my setup.


Easily recommended. Instantly became the centerpiece of my operation.

Nice setup and nice jam! :)

Modular ninja :D

Holy shit....that just blew my mind. it was like you were the guy in the engine room of the starship enterprise. the janitor that keeps everything up in space....with your green ladder, knobs, tubes and buttons...rocking it with style....face mask black planetary creature. that really took me by surprise... i had zero expectation and just got taken on a journey i can barely even contemplate. Thank you man....i was given this badge a few months ago...part of the humanbot crew. i was tasked with badging gritty and real blogs...the blogs you can taste....i have never given it out for music....but you just really made my day!!!

Badge of Originality BUTTBADGE small.jpg
'The Butt believes you have demonstrated #proofofpost'


To the man with the single greatest screenname in all of steemdom ....

@buttcoins, I salute you from the future past, and had I not blasted my voting power to smithereens + delegating to dsound and ddaily I would bestow upon you the mightiest of upvotes. Instead my 100 percent vote is, for the time being ... 5 cents.


I shall wear my badge with honor.

Patiently waiting.... And do remember hopes are high