STEEMIT for Musicians — DTube Exclusive | Part One

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Dear Musician friends,

This is part one in a series of posts I want to do about Steemit for Musicians.

I speak about the four C’s of how Steemit can change your world: CASH, COMMUNITY, COLLABORATORS, and CREATIVITY.

This is the world I come from. This is the world I’ll be part of the day that I die.

I am a musician, and I’ve always been one.

From the bottom of my heart, I believe this can be a key to changing the music industry, like iTunes was, and like records were years ago.

Listen to my video, and let me know if we’re onto something here. Reach out if there’s any way I can help.

Musicians unite!

  • Kent

▶️ DTube

Awesome. I'm a bass player from Kathmandu, Nepal. Ready to collaborate with my fellow Steemit musicians.

Hey @tagsplanet! Very good to meet you! I’d love to hear more about your music. I’m following you now.

Thanks you so much @drkent. Likewise.

You have such a refreshing and mellow vibe, @drkent. I really enjoyed watching this video. It echoes a lot of thoughts I have been having about Steem. There is something so natural and obvious about it once it clicks, especially for creators. Our work on here doesn't have to be perfect - it just has to be.

Thanks @joshpeterson!

I really appreciate it! I’m following you / I really like your posts! I’ll be tuning in more closely soon :)

I think you're right! Steemit, dtube, and dsound are great places for musicians to generate revenue for our art and could really be something big in the future. We just have to stick together and make the steemit community more aware of our existence.

That’s right! Absolutely.

Yeah. It’s really great. It could make a big difference.

How is the dsound channel called that you keep bringing up? Discord? Can you provide a link?

This is awesome, like your style, I must get down to upload on d sound!

You should! And thanks!

Thanks Dr.Kent. I totally agree about the 4 C's. I'm still working to give more value back to the community and totally agree about Steem solving these problems. Thanks again from the great content as always.

Thank you! It’s really an amazing place.

Great time to be alive!

Ain’t that the truth!

good job bro


Hi Really enjoy your work. Wanted to invite you to speak and play at Steem Creators Conference April 13-15, 2018 in Las Vegas.
I'm I.J. @steemcafe email me at [email protected]

Hey @steemcafe, good to meet you. You can send me more information if you like.

What is your email?

First name last name @ gmail :)

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Dang dude, new cover art, new content. Must be my luck day :)

Thanks, man! I'm working on it! :)

Nice and motivational!
Great video!

Love the part where you were talking about C and playing it then.

very cool way to share information together with music!

Thanks, man! Much appreciated :)

That intro though LoL :D

You like it?

I remember from one of your dlive streams that you liked it when I wrote "The Doc is in!" so I suppose this is your spin on that. It's awesome and thanks for not calling my mom a big fat idiot. (actually laughed out loud about that one)

On the collaboration side of things, I may go ahead and try to get some people together to make a record. I've got lyrics and music for a song that I would like to work on, so I'll see where I can get with this out here.

Thanks for your words of wisdom! Always appreciate your content even if I don't manage to upvote every single one of them with my 1 cent up-pokes. Keep it up, Doc!

Aha! It’s true! I actually wrote that down and was thinking about saying that ... 🙏

You like the joke / ha! I almost didn’t put that in there.

Comments are better than votes :) So I appreciate it!

And I look forward to hearing the tune!

I`m a musician from germany ! I uploadet 3 of my songs i composed. There are some more - following in the next days.

Without music - my life would be poor !

Greetings from germany !

Schön, dich kennenzulernen:)

Oh - du bist Deutscher ?

Nu aber ins Bettchen !

Na, Amerikaner :) Gute Nacht!

@drkent your vlogs feel so effortless and wholesome. The intro was epic and of course the advice is what we d.tubers need to remember e'ry single day. Loving your stuff bro I need to catch one of your dstreams soon.

Thanks man! Wholesome is what I was going for lol 😂

Cheers! Let’s collaborate sometime.

and also the concept of true fans becomes incredibly obvious on steemit / platform. It's like directly relevant when the value is being exchanged directly.

No doubt!

Awesome video! We had to upvote

This is my first day on the platform and I really enjoyed your video. I found the openmic tag today and put a submission in, although I think I missed the deadline. Your explanation went a long way to helping me grasp the potential. The community aspect of it is huge - I've never really had that before; just doing my thing on my little Scottish island. I put an album out last year and was really proud of it, but it hasn't gone anywhere really. So thank you for helping me figure this all out. I love your style too - your beat on that banjo at the end was tight AND you were talking at the same time. Respect!

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