The Future of Blockchain... Social Dynamics? - BlockVersal Part 2

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Have you ever thought about where blockchain technology is going to be in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

In part 2 of @andrarchy and my BlockVersal document-series interview, Tim Galebach, a co-founder of @blockmason, thinks that within the next 5 years there are going to be several applications that verify the attributes of people and enable new forms of social dynamics.

In 10 years he see’s blockchain being the standard…after significant human and developer focus.

20 years from now? Tim believes everything will be dystopian, and that people will never be able to do things without thinking of what the blockchain implications would be.

Check out the future Tim paints in the clip below!

I am a Brooklyn based writer, film & commercial director, and crypto-enthusiast, my projects include @HardFork-series an upcoming narrative crypto-noir and my novel Dwelling will soon be premiering exclusively on Steemit, and you can check out more of my work at,, and

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I'm scared to check out the video -will this give me dystopian nightmares (worse than the ones in my drawings)?
Will I wake up in the middle of the night with fears of blockchain bureaucracy ?
Is this a Pandora's ledger that i just don't want to open?


Haha, don't be scared @opheliafu. We still have time to change the future... I think.


he @dougkarr
sometimes what we see in the video or movie will get carried away in our dreams, I've experienced it

Blockchain technology is increasingly entering our life. I see a lot of interesting, and most important, useful platforms based on the blockchain. These platforms expand our capabilities and change the usual things for the better.
It is possible to enumerate all the numerous advantages of a blockchain for a long time, but the fact remains that in the near future the technology of the blockchain will be standard.
Good interview, thank you

a very good information @dougkarr, this is very useful for me, because it can see predictions for the future about blockchain. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing and hope you will be more successful in working

about blockchain technology which is still active in 5 years or 10 years to come, it seems to me the technology blockchain will last for a long time, it just depends how users and those who put stock in it, hopefully it will continue to survive

We common people can't think of the future of blockchain until we dtudied well. Tim Galebach is really a genius person and he said right that it will become a social dynamics in future.
I've learned something new from your post so I would like to say many thanks. :) UPVOTED

Yes blockchain technology will be the future and i think in a near future big companies will use it to improve the performance of their process and will be part of many devices. Regards

wow that's great you're doing goOd job, thankyOu for info :)
May yOu have successful in your work.

Great post.

Maybe he's right. He's convincing.

blockchain will have a lot of supporters, and other virtual application,,!!
This we can see in a couple of years ago and now!
the rope did not cover the possibility of some countries do not support blockchain! This is slightly impeded!!
thanks @dougkarr

If blockchain does not run again in the future, it is very in now, because sayangkan very many users that rely on tekhnology blockchain, how the fate of its users, now they are already earning from tekhnology blockchain although only sufficient for daily life but that was okay..
Hopefully blockchain can survive

I think it would be better for Steemit and your channel to post your videos here at first and after 4-5 hours to DTube, so they'll get more attendance here..

great analysis

May I ask @dougkarr??
what is blockchain and what are the benefits


What is blockchain: Distributed ledger technology. A continuous growing list of records.
Benefits: Innumerable!


wow ... very impressive
how to list @dougkarr

wao... great predictions made by you people i think more or less they will be true in the coming future :)
But hope for the best ...Hope so coming years will be more exciting to see :)

Excellent and the more I read that is definitely our future!

interesting, thanks ;)

Blockchain will be one of the time in our life. I like your post.

Blockchain technology is destined to be the future of mankind as it is obvious from the last couple of years most of the people are shifting to such platforms. Tim has very rightly pointed out that blockchain will develop in new forms and people will really benefit from it.
You have done a commendable job by interviewing the great scholar on blockchain.

Blockchain will disrupt every middle-man industry!

Blockchain technology will go to moon high in next 5 years. It is already capturing a lot of people attention and five year is a lot of time to capture the market.

@dougkarr, Actually best video conversation of Tim Galebach. He talked very well where will go blockchain system after 10 years and 20 years. This is very important to understand blockchain well. I guess within next 20 years will be add more features and options. And it would be very helpful for easily work in blockchain to users. Also use more new technological systems. It's possible thing.

Indeed blockchain technology will rule the whole world in the coming 5 10 years and every other company will start accepting crypto.
So keep calm and join hands with hands to make everyone here in this community successful.