DTube | PhotoFeed: Amazing new project that rewards high quality photography!

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In this video I want to tell you guys about a new project running on the Steem Blockchain.

PhotoFeed is a project spear-headed by @jrue, @aweber, @yumyumseth and @cryptoctopus that aims to improve the experience of those who want to see beautiful professional photography on steemit.com

The idea is to reward users sharing high quality photos. By uploading your photos with the @photofeed hashtag, your expose your content to be curated by @photofeed which is Steemit's Premier Photo Curation Community.

At the moment the project has @cryptoctopus as its main supporter, but I think there will be more big accounts joining the rtail or simply upvoting the posts with the tag. Why? Well... because @photofeed and @cryptoctopus give opportunities a great opportunity to get nice curation rewards. Since they will be voting the content after the 30 minute mark, they give everyone at least 30 minutes to vote before the big votes come.

This means that #PhotoFeed is not only good for content creators (photographers) but also for Steemit curators. This is a great opportunity for people who like to reward good quality content, while getting nice curation rewards at the same time... win-win scenario.

I browsed the tag today, and just a couple of days after its creation, authors are already being rewarded nicely for their work, how cool is that?

So, I invite everyone that loves photography to share your content using #photofeed tag. Giving all the details of the equipment and the photo settings used is encouraged.

Thanks for watching!

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During my 7 month time in Steemit condenser I have seen several complainings about photography tag and how undervalued it is I hope this organization would attract more professional photographers and create some value.

How do you submit photos and earn?

I'm glad someone pulled together this idea. No idea if my photos are good enough to be selected - but I sure appreciate someone curating the better pics of steemit. Not to mention they're organizing the community in a really clever way.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
― Ansel Adams

Thanks for the Info

How to build a successful fotoblog in steemit. I have shot photos for more then 10 years. To you have any tips. My blog: https://steemit.com/@madis-siimkull

How can I become as awesome as you?

Very cool! Will definitely be checking it out! I did see the post he made about wanting to curate professional photography and clean up the photography tag :)

This is so very nice! I'll start posting my pictures and i hope they get to more audience. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Its Awesome dear keep it up I follow you and upvote you

Thank so much, what a great opportunity, let's do it


Will start adding the hashtag to the posts of mine I think may qualify!

Not too many aerial potographers yet..

This looks awesome! I know a few people who would love to know about this opportunity...and I also find it encouraging to help motivate me to improve of my own photography skills. <3

Very cool, thanks for sharing. I have taken some pretty cool photos over the years, I should start posting them i guess.

Cool project, thank you for sharing it! :)

a great information what you give to use the right labels

This will be great add-on to #steemit.
Bless you guys who created this initiatives!

I have great hopes for this project. According to the author it is down for 24 hours (about 19 left) to correct some deficiencies. I'm really excited to see what happens.

Thanks for your support. I'm sure it will help the whole community.

I hope you upvote my post as well.
[email protected]on

Cool, I will surely join. Am curious already. Thanks for sharing...

Pls upvote for me and i will upvote for you its a win win situation

Thanks for the information. I will definitely be using this method.

excellent proposal

Hey! Great idea. Has any body has an update on their post? Is the community working? I will be posting my pics with this tag and see what happen, but also would be nice to know what happened with you guys. Cheers.
Here are my pic is you want to check.

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