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Monetizing Expertise Using Cryptocurrency with Experty

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Jeff interviews CEO Founder Kamil Przeorski and Communications Manager Blaise Mathai of Topics include: access to expert advice using a crypto enabled phone app, expert sets their rate and accessibility, big demand for this product, product close to market, global access and empowerment, expert sets the rate, smart contract enabled, upcoming ICO and it's structure, long term company vision, proof of caring and bonus distribution, tapping into an in demand crypto knowledge base, difficult to find talent now, a big and growing community, a very big potential, Anarchapulco 2018

Experty website and ICO participation:

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should be interesting

Thats a great idea

Thanks for the info...seems like there will be a lot of good topics discussed.

very nice


Yet another way the Blockchain will deliver more freedom to more people in a decentralized manner. One day soon all the middlemen will be gone and those of us who provide value to others will be able to do so without the gatekeepers of capitalism standing in our way in a truly free market. I'm not sure what all the banksters and parasites will do then but the rest of us will be far happier and better off for it.

It is very interesting to read a news

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It seems the problem with an ICO's is, if we can trust them or not. I would love to know these individuals personaly.
As for the ideas teleport and experty are awsome. Taking the power that cryptos deliver to creat something awsome.

Great post! You have upvote and follow from me ;) I would love if you could check out my profile :)

this is a good idea

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time for the future. Hope everyones investing in crypto. Nice thread. Steem on =)