Happy Crypto New Year from The Dollar Vigilante!

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Wishing you all the best for 2018! 🥂

TDV helps people prosper! 🍾

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Happy new year to all steemians.


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2018 is guaranteed to be an exciting year in crypto, and the economy in general. But, will it be to the upside hard or downside hard?

I tend to believe it will be the downside.....hard.


happy new years


booooooooooo don't pop my balloon

This year will be an amazing year for cryptos


I cant wait


Me too


Anyone who bought a tron coin here?


Putting my money on solid coins that will retire me early.


Imamofpeace Imam Tawhidi tweeted @ 01 Jan 2018 - 23:18 UTC

Just received news from inside the Islamic jurisdictions that they've issued a Fatwa against Bitcoin. 😂

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Totally agree @javybar. Shoutout for the faith homie..


Lets hope it stays this way we think. We are familliar with the history of cryptos and we were not that happy with it . Lets hope for a new happy year concerning crypto.


AGREED I just discovered this Crazy Crypto World and now i'm all in!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!


2018 is the year of the krypto, clearly visible in the starcharts:D

2018 is going to be a big one!


Yah hope so


yes its definitely done....


Mabye , we hope it stays this way .

Happy crypto year to you! It's going to be huuuuuuge! haha

Happy New Year too you too! :D


May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.
Happy New Year Mate


Happy new year dollar vigilante, to jeff berwick. 2018 will be the year! this is it bitcoin! 💣


sir you pleae vote steem82


Happy new year everyone!


Happy new year!


Happy new year yousuf
and your family too.....


Mutual support Follow x Follow please<3

I missed the deadline, but I'll still put my order through soon!

Happy New Year to all Steemians!!!

And remember...

This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.

Happy New Year @dollarvigilante ...

So the market capital for crypto-currencies "can easily top 2 trillion dollars" this year?

Happy Steem year everyone!!!🚀


My last post contains a gift, Happy New year everyone!


Happy 2018 ,,happy new years to all steemite and crypto members


happy 2k18 Bro


happy new year greet friends

Happy new year

Happy 2018!!!

happy new year bro

Happy new year as well!

Happy new year! Interesting to see what it will bring us all!

Thank you so much ! Wish you too Happy New Year 2018 !!

Happy new year.

Happy new year !!!

2k18, looks like a good year, at least for Steemit.

Enjoy guys, and keep posting cool content!

2️⃣♋ 1️⃣8️⃣

All this time and I thought I was following you lol

Thank you and I wish everyone more crpyto, steem, sbd and steem power to your wallets this year.

Sir what do you have to say about Donald Trump's new tax bill regarding crypto currencies...

Happy New Year !! new beginning !!

Happy new year!!

Happy new year ...

Happy New Year 2018

Same to you

A lot of bitcoin in 2018 yep;) Happy new Year!

Happy New year

Here's to a year of learning and personal growth in all realms of life!

happy new years sir

Happy 2018 from Ontario!

Happy New Year to you!


Happy new year wishes,best wishes in the new year! I wish for you the New Year to be better than previous.

Happy 2018

happy new year may all your dreams come true in the coming year

Happy New Year! Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

Happy New year 2018 @dollarvigilante!

Teşekkürler mutlu yıllar dilerim iyi çalışmalar 👍

happy new year

Happy New Year to you friends ,more blessings this Year

Happy New Year @dollarvigilante! I look forward to another year of great conent!

Wish you haapy new year. I have just upvoted and followed you. Please upvote me back & follow me.

I have tried several ways to get it, starting from trading, investment and others but there has been no progress 😂

happy new year everyone. stay blessed

Happy new year dear i follow you and hope you also do same thanks for sharing this with us


brother pleae vote steem82


Happy New Year to you Jeff!

I loved the testimonies, loved the song too

Happy new year

great winnings to every crypto lover guys.!

Heppy new year bro. Nice post

check my new year message happy new year

Lol happy $440 reward man

2018 is going to be a crazy year for cryptos! And for the world in general!

Here's to a great year!

Bitcoin is coming...
My think 2018 year of the bitcoin
Crypto money will go up
I hope :)

Happy new year to get more crypto

Happy new year for you too and I wish it will bring success to everyone in the globe


keep working and sharing @dollarvigilante and 2018 will be very prosperous for all of us lets grow the community together!


Don't get me wrong, crypto is here to stay, and the top dogs will consolidate.

Happy new year all

Happy new year

Happy new year y'all!
Go hard or go home!!!

Hoorat for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Wishing everyone lots of success in 2018!

Happy new year please have it is swag @dollarvigilante and please be vigilant of all things in 2018 more dollars will come to you.

happy crypto new year. belive me this year will be a revolutionary year for all my cryptophobic friends. wish you guys best of luck

happy new year and thanks for update.

Happy new year buddy! Let’s make 2018 the year of making money

Happy new year to all my dear steemit friends and tags.

Happy New Year guys!!!! Cheers to all the people that put going to the gym as a resolution. Have fun but be responsible.

Looking forward to a productive 2018.

Happy new year to one and all!

happy 2018 to all steemit users

@dollarvigilante & all steemians Wishing You A Very Happy New Year

Happy crypto new year guys!!


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All friends and steemit lovers!

Delightful Flowers , Gleaming night
Sweetest Bite , Smiling Faces
Great Dishes , Simply Love, delight and fun

We Welcome the New Year 2018.


Dear ALL FRIENDS @steemit
I simply have one wish for you this New Year. May you have wealth of delight, best of wellbeing, boundless bliss and entire part of good fortunes all as the year progressed. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wishing You All The Best Guyz.


One more year loaded with sweet recollections and euphoric circumstances has passed. You have made my year extremely uncommon, and I wish for you to keep on doing so. With you around, each minute is an exceptional event for me. I trust you have an extraordinary year ahead. May God favor my affection with his care and warmth. I adore you, and wish you an exceptionally Happy New Year.


Good post...

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year bro :)

Happy new year:)

Happy new year to you Dollar! : )

Happy new year you guy

Happy new year @dollarvigilante.

Hopefully your hope in 2018 is achieved and hopefully you will always be given physical and spiritual health by the creator