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I like ripple very much!

I had a feeling that ripple was being pumped up to over $3 so noobs would trade their bitcoin and ethereum for it at the high and get screwed over...decentralized coins are the future regardless what anyone tries to tell you.

Anyone trading a decentralized coin for a centralized coin is going to get owned.

Maybe that is a bankers coin, for me... I know that I made a huge profit on that heheheh!


Do you follow Jamie Demon? Or just a fan of central banks in general?


I hate central banks @dandays. For me, a centralized coin is not a crypto... is a digital fiat coin.

of course it is @dollarvigilante ! any doubt about it?

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Uh. Possibly. And that's enough for me to only poke it with a ten foot pole once in a while.

I dont believe in ripple. It annoys me to see people buying it. Ripple is here to rip you 😁😁😁😁

It wasn't meant to be. It's original purpose was to allow users to issue each other credit via fungible iou's. I personally like the idea until the guy took over. Now the virtual currency bandits (bankers) are not even using Ripple for it's true original purpose.

No but they want to be. Bankers may be interested in the tech but they won't be buying XRP

These GIFs are funny. No Ripple for me. I got in crypto, not for fiat gains,but for the end of central banking, fractional reserve banking & fiat currencys, which will lead to an end of all "governments".


So why not trade XRP to gain more BTC. Finding a coin that can beat BTC gains is hard but XRP is one of them.

I'm a proud hodler

I bought My first crypto 2 years ago. So I can afford to be a holder for a bit longer.

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Upvoted and re-steemed, dude!

It appears to certainly be manipulated by some "entity" Here is a link to a group called RM (Resistance Movement) and they mention Ripple in this "reset event" supporting blog:

The crypto market is volatile as we all know, yet where the future is headed with Ripple does seem to have some "weird" energy surrounding it as of right NOW!

Gratitude @dollarvigilante for this update!

I took big profits on ripple as I thought it was a good moon shot at €0.20 not really looking to buy back in now but I do like how quick and fast it is to transfer seems like a lot more efficient and effective in comparison with bitcoin for transfer but it's not as secure so not the best for a long term store

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend @dollarvilante

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I think yes. was created for them.

Ripple has a centralized blockchain and it has long terms bearish forecasts. After bitcoins, it's ripple that new investors put their money because of their facebook feeds and media promotion.

Last year the adoption of of crypto-currency increased but we found problems associated with it like regulations, volatility, scaling, transaction fees, proof work(Energy inefficient), restructuring the node-network for true decentralization etc. This is I am excited about the solution to these problems and their effect on market. Ripple with it's centralized blockchain is just not the scene.


The fact that Ripple them selves has so many of the coins and that they are very centralized should be a red flag for investors. But I guess when there is a chance for big gains all that goes out the window for a lot of traders.


Don't forget they are not a bunch of 16 year old's looking to dump their coins to get rich quick......

The market will recorrect itself. Everything looks like it's on sale now. :)

I know a lot of people who bought XRP on the way up and they are they all moving with deflated sails. I took my profits and ran... As did many many other crypto traders! Long live the decentralised marketplace.

This is going crazy!

Ripple is going to be a digital bank👿

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I wrote an article about Ripple some weeks ago.

I hope people would realize what Ripple really is

Yes I guess. and XRP is Non minable coin.

I tried watching the video but my network is bad. Maybe I will try watching it later

Ripple crypto is good to be the star of the money.