Blockchain: The Greatest Paradigm Shift Of Our Generation

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Jeff Berwick at World Blockchain Forum, London closing speech, topics include: being an early Bitcoin adopter, the early days of the internet, Bitcoin still in its early days, one of the most important points in human history, getting the power back to the people, Bitcoin is self regulating, the most important thing for freedom this century.

World Blockchain Forum:

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Hi dollarvigilante,
Thanks for the great content

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Is anyone handing out flyers like these?

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Blockchain ensures accountability thats why it is going to be incorporated in other places instead of just being used to make a crypto currency!

You always keep us informed. Blockchain is the future and everything will be based on blockchain soon because of its security even the banks.


I hope so. It would be great and also make a lot of things much easier.

Blockchain is now widely used, there are also rumors today that amazon is already thinking of using bitcoin as payment. Well, this is not surprising as microsoft is already partnered with tierion. It won't be a surprised if the big companies uses cryptocurrency in thier businesses. Even the richest man alive (bill gates) already engaged in cryptocurrency.

Blockchain looks like authentic forum.

Good job Jeff! Keep it up. Spreed the word :)

good information and thank you very much for share.

Hey everyone, the subject of privacy and crypto has come on my radar.
I really want to know where people stand on this issue and why.
It seems of vital importance that we get this right or we will end up being right back in the same place we are now.

nice post buddy thanks for sharing with us.

Great! I always like your videos

Hello @dollarvigilante.

Excellent lecture/presentation/speech there. I found it so well put that I have shared it with a friend on Facebook, who is about to go demonstrating against A or B political party and asked her that in a balanced, harmonious world without war, is there any place for extremists like politicians? Extreme right or extreme left and those that sit in the middle float in the liberal shit that A and B create. I like to think of it like this:

Those that do not understand Centralisation are not qualified to vote and those that 'are' qualified, never would.

My friend thinks that the revolution will not be peaceful and I have told her to try to take a step back and see what is going on. You can not see the bigger picture from the right, left or middle - you have to be on the outside, looking in, so to speak.

Anyway, I digress a little, but I wanted to say that this video is excellent and I will be sharing it on Facebook, first in messages and then publically, because of the nature of Facebook. I have only gone back to Facebook recently, to campaign against Nestle and Buxton Town Hall for dodgy water rights sales, etc., but I digress again ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

I actually feel very safe, knowing that mine and many others' futures are not in the hands of anyone, never mind safe hands, but instead are offered a way forward. A way out. An answer. I know how difficult it's going to be to convince some people, but those that are ready, will come through and the community can only grow. Your video is excellent for Steemit and a great way to advertise the positivity of Steemit as I see it.

I know a lot of people that are fed up with how things are and there's only been so much that I can do, but Steemit, blockchain and cryptocurrency I see as the way forward and you have simplified the philosophies for e, Sir and I thank you for that. I can only know or not know and in my heart, I know that Steemit, for one, will grow to become something truly amazing and because I see that, it already is. I told my friend that the revolution has been going on for some time and whilst she fights in the shit with the reds and blues of the world, the powers that have been doing what we all vey well know about, will be brought back down to earth and an aim to remove all corruption, dishonesty, vampirism, greed, selfishness and hatred may actually be realised and become a reality. Why? Because it is what we want and we are the majority and we want it because we want to live in peace. It's only governments tell us that peace is not attainable, whilst they bomb innocent people, and that we, as the people that they are protecting, have to pay for this protection? I, you and many others have known for too long that something is wrong and we have tried to fight in a different way.

We seized a court and arrested a judge for high treason some years ago and although the BBC were there and reported on it, no news from them was ever released. I have always said that demonstrating is just a march to their tune and will not change a thing, in relation to the bigger picture, but my heart resonates with many protestors and their causes, because we are all on the same sentence. Not the same book, page or paragraph, but the same sentence and by the end of this book, we will be ready to write the next one, as we will be holding the pen, which is mightier than the sword, but that's a whole diffferent can of worms :).

Thank you very much for all the work that you have done, for sharing the word as you do, for the past experience that you have earned and are willing to share so openly and for being here and now. Videos like this are pure gold to me and the reasons should be obvious, and just in case you are reading this and they're not, then I apologise, for you may not be 'qualified' :).

All the best and please continue with the work, although from a personal perspective, I don't think there is anything that would stop me on my path and I am certain you feel the same. Just glad to be on ship with you, Sir, nice one :).

I'm really looking forward that moment when people realize what blockchain really is.

I wonder why some countries are afraid of digital currencies, even judging people not to vote for it, whether there is a relationship with VOLATILITY, I do not understand.

great post...thank you

The block chain will surely set us free from Governments and Central banks. Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition. We are all in this matrix controlled by men behind the curtain AKA government. Govern=contol; mente=mind. Everyone in the matrix assumes they are free, yet they are being controlled and extorted. someone is watching their every move including finances,keeping them enslaved to the system.Finally with bitcoin n block chain we can escape this matrix :) Some have partly escaped :)

With every passing day the Blockchain grows more and more pervasive, intelligent and relevant.

Jeff Berwick at the World Blockchain Forum, London's closing speech, topics include: being an early user of Bitcoin, in the early days of the Internet, Bitcoin was in its infancy, one of the most important points in human history, gaining power back to the People, self-regulating Bitcoin , the most important thing for the freedom of this century.

which is the question of whether the digital currency will replace the paper money ...


It seems to me that Steem is in the best position out of everyone to gain widespread use by the general Population Everywhere.
Any thoughts to share?

Such a clear message in such little time. Thanks for this video, Jeff!
And I loved the promo for Anarchapulco!

Totally agree with you here

Absolutely....its somewhat synonymous to what internet was in the we all wait for that exponential boom

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Thanks Jeff. Your videos never disappoint! Keep'em coming!!

I agree Jeff. Blockchain is the future. I'm so glad I heard your earlier episode about EOS.IO ... looks like a total game-changer. There's so much cool stuff being developed all over, it's really a renaissance for innovation.

I wish I could Earn as big as this in the future so that i will not beaten up by my employer and to be financially free..God Bless You Jeff Berwick..

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
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Thanks for video! One important question: what is your opinion on QUANTUM COMPUTING? Microsoft is preparing a special language for this type of computers, which will be exponentially faster than today's supercomputers. Tasks that take years will be computed in hours making cryptos vulnerable.

As always great work!!

Hi @dollarvigilante I like your post. indeed for now the whole world people play bitcoin.

good post

decentralize the globe!

great post.....