All my altcoin keeping drop in these few day...I am very sad

buy ethereum

+1 ETH never done me wrong.

I don't want to be a party-pooper, but I get the feeling that alts are in a massive bubble that will explode spectacularly when bitcoin takes off on another run.

There are coins out there with $1 billion + valuations that have no working network! How is this even sustainable? This is speculative mania on steroid and crack.

Make hay while the sun shines!

God bless you.

We all believed in Steem and those who saved funds now is on cloud 9)

I'm on cloud 8 because I didn't buy as much as I should have :P

And this is only the beginning!;)

Yes my portfolio keeps going at ATH!

Yeah this is awesome! What are your thoughts about Digibyte?

easy to mine with minergate(at least it was). mined over 12k coins!

If for some reason you were successful with knocking out Bitcoin with another coin, who is to say it wouldn't happen again someday, by another coin.

Bitcoin is our one chance at creating the internet of value which happens to be a complex beast requiring many layers just like the internet (http/tcp/ip).

Only a base layer which is the most decentralized uncensorable record of trust on the planet can do battle with the most powerful centralizers.

Another great video from the crypto oracle Jeff Berwick.

While this is a short one, in this video Berwick leads with the incredible gains that many coins have experienced recently.

It's clear the market seems overbought and veteran crypto traders will recognize that in the beginning of every crypto bull run this is common.

Keep calm and buy on.

Thank you @dollarvigilante for your continued contributions to the Steemit community and may 2018 continue to be profitable for all.

-The Beached Whale
Editor in Chief - Anderson Report

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Very good Channel! Like it!!

2018 will be the year of crypto

congratzzz to you!
it was only your advice I joined steemit and got introduced to cryptocurrencies in a new way otherwise I would had been on the dinner plate of bankers giving me 1% returns every year and me taking that happily lolz dark ages

That’s awesome. Steemit has so much great info about cryptocurrency. There’s so much to learn and people like @dollarvigilante are helpful to new Stemians like me.

I can't wait to see what 2018 brings! Hope I can make it to Anarcapulco!

2018 will be a great year crypto investor and entrepreneurs. BTC will be king of all cryptocurrency. Second one etherium will be the rock in this year. Ripple is also playing a vital role in cryptocurrency nowadays. I love BTC, Etherium and Ripple. My suggestion for those who haven't invest in crypto. Invest in BTC, Etherium, Ripple. It'll change your future.

Good job! But don't pump Ripple system coin anymore!

Steem to the MOON...

Ripple hit all time high, bitcoin has already hit the highest last year.

I think so.

Please, don't post false news like this on Cryptocurrencies.

Keeping cool head is so important, you manage really well

@dollarvigilante it will still hit more this 2018. I pray I have more sbd to invest in altcoins

The best thing about your channel is the feeling of inside trading, available to all of us, not only for a few minority with special access to info!
Info for all, with insightfull tips!

Just think about all those millions lost because a wise ass "lehamn boy", cut his share in a inside deal, leaving us with a enormous bill to pay!
Now, all af we have the chance to be on the inside!!!

May 2018 be the year of the cryptocurrencies :)

the good thing about this is that your channel opens up for us. i hope more people are like this . thank you for the infos and tips !

" janet yellen is bernie madoff in a skirt" #bestquoteever

I'm officially obsessed and can't stop watching every single video you post. I wish I could make it to Anarchapulco this year but I'm not sure if I'll have the funds. Anarchopulco 2019 is officially on my bucket list!

It is spectacukar seeing hoe cryptocurrency is hitting the ice just at the beginning of the year, those massive values really made us feel good.

So where do we invest next?

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hope steemit can help me to visit Anarchapulco anytime man @dollarvigilante ! That would be a dream for me! thanks for everything you are doing for true freedom (both economical, mental and spiritual)

You never fail to make me LMFAO. "What the hell is Monacoin?"

May God Bless ME :-)

it's my favorite gif

Keep up the good work. Really enjoy your channel

that's great
it's the real beginning
is n't it
upvoted and resteem

What do you guys think what crypto will preform the best with the biggist gains for 2018??? Litecoin surpassed bitcoins gains in 2017 but ripple surpassed both Bitcoin and Litecoin. What coin will do the best this year??

Este año inicio revolucionado. Todavía no se ha ido la primera semana de enero y muchas cambios para bien y para mal han sucedido. El mundo está apurado tenemos que aprovechar las ventajas de esa aceleración.

good post but don't be like hextracoin

Cryptocurrencies through the leadership of Bitcoin is soaring high but i hope it will become another dotcom bubble. There are several speculations that bitcoin is coming out to blow away due to its exponential rise way beyond expectation.
What could be the driving force behind the sudden rise of the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Could it be manipulated by scrupulous individual who are greedy for profit

I like your work and I will voted you ^^

Damn right, there's only one way we're going from here.. all the way up!

First of all a happy year.
This new year the cryptocurrency that has impressed me the most is the Ripple as it has risen as much as before yesterday I was impressed by the Steem that came to 8 DOLLARS.


That's why I say that this cryptocurrency in addition to rising in the top of cryptocurrencies in will give much to talk about this year.

2018 is going to be one hell of a year from crypto! Excited to see where the explosive coins are

it is going to even now strike a lot more this 2018. I pray I get a lot more sbd to pay for altcoins

Excellent and very well explained video, Thanks @dollarvigilante

Thank you for the video

I agree with most predictions about valuations going up, but wouldn't that be a telling sign if it is not a bubble, then inflation is coming quick. thank you for your video @dollarvigilante

There's such an interest in crypto right now. I really hope crypto technology can bring about positive changes to the world as time goes on.

Yes just hit 10k in few days jump on XRP n TRON 2018! They will be huge , start Now! #JONEZYARTWORK #Tip

Go ahead n hop off Demon’s lap, let someone else have a turn.

em always confuse about coins but you cleared my mind thanks buddy

Man I wish my mother would listen to this rather than the Broadcasting Bs Continually (BBC) network. I get text daily telling me to be careful with crypto. She only heard about it two months ago.!!

Go TenX's gonna pump soon.

Great video, very informative. Keep up the good work!

The transaction fee has been crazy of late on blockchain


Thank you very much for the indications it is good to know that we have people who care about new users and give directions like this

Now the brother dogecoin is going to go too far

Litecoin... next , Charlie Lee ready for blast off!!!

Jeff, is this guy a Commie?

hope so 2018 will be amazing year regarding cryptocarruncy

cheers to everyone I hope you all make a fuck ton of money this year

Thank you for the video!

i like your article. and i already folow you. if you have time visit my bog @ yulissari

Bitcoin is king.
riiple is making its place on the 2nd posoition after bitcoin.
previously ethereum is on 2nd wich is moved to 3r d postion by ripple.
other famous coins are dash, neo etc/
lets connect.

thanks for the tips

We're being groomed! This is the future and everything is going to be tracked by the same people making the rules now. That being said there is some companies providing products that are game changers. Buy and hold the good, but keep a level head. Majority of coins/tokens available today will not make it to the other side. Get out of debt get some silver/gold then why not there is a chance some will make it, know for sure the dollar isn't.

I love watching this kind of awesome videos. Thanks for making me look forward what's new with crypto this year.

Bit connect going down !

kripto paralar 2018 çok iyi olacak

Crypto currency has more new high to achieve.. This is just the beginning

The crypto market is crazy and out of control. Maybe I'm just old, but I'm holding with some of the older, more solid coins.

Well i hope steem is also hitting it high the more. Although we got nothing much in steem however we are hopefuls you know. Thanks.

Cryptocurrencies fever had an upward trend and it will keep moving. :) That y everyone needs to know details about it. and ur channel will be helpful. Thanks

2017 was the best year for cryptocurrencies!!

Awesome video amigo. I am still learning at light-speed about Steemit and cryptocurrency. I am so excited about 2018 and what it has in store. It'svideo'ss like this that inspire the minnows to work harder and try to learn and absorb as much info as we can on a daily basis. I will be following and look forward to your future post. Cheers :)

Hey @dollarvigilante. A very good informative video indeed. Even I have posted a video on the basic terms that all of us must know in the crypto field. Cheers. :)

Hey @dollarvigilante. A very good informative video indeed. Even I have posted a video on the basic terms that all of us must know in the crypto field. Cheers. :)


2018 is going to be a good year for us all!

We all believed in Steem and those who saved funds now is on cloud 9..

Hi Are you going to consider as a place to upload your content?

There are so many coins in the digital market that today i heard other currencies from you except bitcoin (the beast) and steem dollars

Awesome video I love it

2018 will be the historical year for cryptocurruncy ✌

Jeff, together with Larken and Luke from we are change, you are one of my favorite people. Jeff for cryptos, Larken for clarity, Luke for news. Thanks for being and stay awesome!

I joined because I like the Steem platform, and want to be a part of growing it. Nice to see the

Steem is great. I was wary at first but have seen great returns on my initial steem purchase and am seeing greater things happening overall in the community. Long live steem.

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks for the info.

youtube kicked me out !!! I know who created BITCOIN.



Thanks information, follow @nasir83

Yeah Bitcoins fees are making it really unusable.

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

#dollarvigilante Thank you for your expertise & your bravery to speak the truth about "sensitive" subjects! Been following your channel for months now & get so much from your efforts & content friend!



The whole market is set to boom to all new highs. New money coming and new investors qued up to jump on the for the ride. The question is if that BTC gets outperformed the whole market will get a jolt. No one yet knows if that is good or bad as all this Is relatively new around the last decade. It is a plan in motion. I got one glad I’m here to experience and thanks for some great insights and informative information.

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