Someone Needs to Stop the US Government Before It Destroys the World - Jeff Berwick on Press TV

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Original interview from press TV:

They will just keep starting more wars and adding more debt until it doesn't work anymore

Think that the American population is the most missinformed and confused about their own situation. The government is just destroying peoples lives all over the world but Americans in their majority believe their government does the right thing and is actually helping them. What they don't understand is that same institution is feeding off people and doesn't help them at all. That is the problem... people are just okay with it because they don't know or don't care about what is happening behind the scene.

They just "Cheer for the troops"

You forget that the Greatest Generation that went to fight in World War Two were told "Trust/Obey your government" both in rescuing them from the First Great Depression as well as the Nazis and the Japs. That take-orders attitude continued after 1948 when the troops went back home, and became the parents of the Baby Boomers and government-designed suburbia and corporatism. It's been three generations since.

There is a :Dynamic-Shift on the Horizon. I posted a comment that will give you a greater awareness if you're interested.

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The lady in the beginning has a bed sheet over her head, probably because her government has supressed her to do so. You are a genius Jeff, always holding us in suspense.

I believe its a garbage bag on her head.

Somebody said: "When you subordinate to outdated superstition it means you are biologically & mentally contaminated."

Every person on this planet is brainwashed, including the elite, Illuminati or whatever you want to call them. They have no power but the power we the people allow them to have. Why...why do we allow it? Because we are all waiting for someone else to do it for us we are lazy and a bunch of babies. Its time to soldier up. go to my page and everything you need is there or look at my other comments. The power is in the hands of the people they just have to learn how to use it. Its a Great NOW-TIME to be :Alive

What do you were on your head?....sounds like you need an upgrade, upgrade

Yeah, lets join forces with the muslims!

The US is fast becoming a nation of tyrants (where some already believe it is). People in the US are way too comfortable with all the pleasures we get, once reality strikes (like natural disasters and economic crashes), they see the reality of their fragile lifestyle. Sad thing is... They ask the government to come save them when it was the government that perpetuated it further (not natural disasters but terrorism, violent crime, gangs, etc.)

Nice to find you here mate, sadly we are all in a comfort zone. Even in South America where my country Chile is just a puppet of the United States.

no other body of government will do anything.

Never heard so much crap out of one mouth in such a short time. All just out of context, fear and hatred mongering bullshit. This dude is clearly scared shitless and out of his mind. A little fact finding education might help settle his mind. But I get the feeling he's not capable .. or doesn't want to be. "... tax is just theft ..." LMAO. Moe along folks. Nothing to see here.

LOL so true Jeff.. hilarious but true the U.S. government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world especially the CIA. :)

US is way smarter ahead of us for now. But slowly they can be decline power. The blind mystic Baba Vanga who already predicted. it seems to be true.

Fuck the Government 🖕. I still have unconditional love for the Government but still Fuck the Government.

I don't trusts the government. They are only in it for themselves. (sigh) I also get a sarcastic laugh out of the old line, "We are attacking country xyz, because of Freedom." In the last 10 years, none of the countries even have weapons to hit us with. Afghan - no missiles. Iraq - no ICBM's. North Korea - no ICBM's. But because they get in the way of corporations, they are deemed the "Enemy."
I think it's time we stop and start using diplomacy.

I'm excited for cryptocurrency because once it replaces the banks and they crash, the government will also go away after that or at least not have the same chaotic power they do now.

Very interesting,thanks for sharing.

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i have often said that the American presidency is too important a position to be left to the American electorate

And when will any other country start standing up against such flat out evils. Its all bitching till your country gets attacked and then you beg for us to come save you. Start standing up and uniting vs evils in this world and there will be no room for it!

Jeff, you said you don't really know what the answer is to stopping the tyrannical regime but you are already advocating it and practicing it. So to put it succinctly for you: STOP USING THEIR MONEY!!

The global collapse / reset is near. China doing oil trades in Yuan backed by gold, rise of the cryptocurrencies, Stanley Fisher out at the FED, Rothchilds removing all investments in US, the signs are all there, we are close, latest will be end of this year. Hope all are prepared, something wicked this way comes.

A few more pokes at Russia, and China backing the oil trade with gold, it shouldn't be long now!

dangerous situation

The currency markets will bring an end to it.

thanks for the post jeff

We need to stop imperialistic governments from destroying the planet, not only the U.S. Capitalism is a system that works but sadly it is as easily as abused as any other political system on this planet, we have to prevent this kind of people like Trump from controlling important governmental decisions.

Great job dropping so many truth bombs!! I love it! YES PREASE!

too many people are Awake and more are every hour
so the elites plans to depopulate are at full steemit mode

Droppin truth but most people will get mad because they are brain washed :)

with this words you will upset the corporation ;)

The word "government" means literally ruler over your mind (govern = controlling, ruling) and (ment = mens lat. mind). That they have chosen that word in the English language is no coincidence. American people have access to Internet like everybody else but apparently they love to believe their fake news on TV more. American government will prove to its citizen that it can't be trusted as long as it takes until the citizens wake up...

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USA? more like USSR.
thnks for the post Jeff, see yah in Feb

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"What it takes is people waking up!" WELL SAID!!! Through out the years I have seen soo many more people getting the wool pulled off from over their eyes. They can see the lies and evil that is goin on.

It's ok to go kill civilians in other countries and call it war on terror, for oil and money, its not ok to have them fight back and defend themself... they are terrorists if they attempt to save their family and friends.

is there anything at all that can be done, or people are just gonna continue complaining and stating the obvious, 'how bad america is' or what heinous crimes they have committed? are we as the global citizens gonna do something as some point or we just gonna be that kid who just bids for the bully while busy bashing and crying in bed? ...

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