You Were BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE Taxation Is Not Theft

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You Were BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE Taxation Is Not Theft

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i cant watch you video it takes way way too long to load
circle just keeps turning and turning but its all good man im subscribes to you so hopefully this gets to my email in the next few days
cheers and thanks for being here even with jerkoffs like bernie sanders trying to fuck everyone for no reason lol
have a great days and again thanks for all you do bud
you had an amazing video on the stem cells treatment in mexico and i for one will be going there when i get to anarchapulco next year


The American revolution was fought over a 2% increase in tax... Cannabis in Washington is a 25% tax. Plus 8.4% sales tax. Plus any other taxes required locally...

The more money you give government the less it is able to manage it.

Taxationistheft freedom!

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It was very good video :) ... I like it :)
Make more and not STOP.

But, i have to pay my fair share.

Why does my fair share keep going up?

But really, taxes are essential in keeping a fiat money scheme going.
Those dollars you send to the IRS? They aren't to pay for govern-cement.

No, the money you send to the IRS is almost literally thrown into a furnace.

From thin air, back to thin air.
The cycle has to be kept going else the whole thing evaporates.