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I am so kicking myself for not having participated in this BTC/BCH fork event and crazy bull run.... Oh the agony! lol

Yes, the future.

Bitcoin got the best 100 programers. What bitcoincash got? Only whales who push the price. Bitcoincash more value then zcash!? Are you kidding. bitcoincash is very young. how you can have such confidence? and bitcoincash is more centralized and they need to fork in 1 year again.

"bitcoincash the only standing" sorry jeff i had to laugh. and i feeled like that you got into hybris. maybe price will skyroket. good luck. but the tecnical stuff you forget.

Fellow Steemian @crypt0 made a very good video about this topic and the current ongoings with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which I highly recommend viewing:

^^^ This article.

Non dollar non dollar bills y'all

Was scared away from Coinbase during the whole FUD fork. Now no Bitcoin Cash for me : (

You will get Bitcoin Cash... you just have to wait until 2018 (or something ridiculous) to claim you Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase.

yeah really right bitcoin cash are now going on sky but btc in bearish condition and hope after complete this second 2x segwit btc go on like before some days

Bitcoin Cash is now going to the moon but Bitcoin is in bearish condition. I hope after the completion of the second segwit, the price of bitcoin goes up like it has been the past couple of days.

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📌What is investment?

⭕️Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has run less than 2 mins on the track. That's economy of effort.

⭕️Usain Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total in his 3 Olympics and made $119 million dollars! That's more than $1 million for each second he ran!
But for those 2 mins he trained for 20+ years ! That's investment.

💢Think long term. Patience pays ❗️ THINK BITCOIN

I am glad i held for the long run!

It's interesting how things change in crypto's. One week after the hard fork (which sounds like an adult film btw) it seemed like bitcoin cash was going to 0, but now it looks like bitcoin cash can overtake bitcoin in the next couple of months. It might even be possible that a negative correlation will exist between bitcoin and bitcoin cash so that when one goes down, the other goes up.

Excellent Dtube video. I was skeptical about bitcoin cash.I thought the price would fall and the coin would be no more. However, it looks like bitcoin cash is here to stay. If I had extra cash I would grab some Bcash :) Upvoted and resteemed

A few are saying bitcoin cash is the "real" bitcoin, time will tell 😳

I knew it !! I knew the Chinese would just not fork out of passion. Probably there is a plan to overtake bitcoin in the next few years, how could it be anything else?
Anyone who think there is not enough programming level in China is probably having the nationalistic point of view of the ignorant, we are the best blablabla. With more than a billion population and a better education system, how long until they are better than the rest at anything ? come on people THINK

YEP! :) Just the beginning. Bitcoin Cash may just be the last bitcoin standing!

looks like the Koreans gaming the market to me. Probably someone took a big short position. That's not to say this won't be worth more in the future, but

1 Bithumb BCH/KRW $1,179,360,000 $770.68 38.65% Recently
2 Coinone BCH/KRW $320,212,000 $768.58 10.49% Recently

The exchanges cannot even agree on the ticker symbol. Bitcoin is nice because I can a)withdraw it to a bank account through coinbase and b)spend it on some things. Anyway I think the BCH price was 700 when I started writing this post lol.

I don't think it's right to blame A) exchanges' inability to spell BCH or B) Coinbase's slow pace for adding new coins, on Bitcoin Cash! Coinbase should have just given people their bitcoin cash upfront like some of the other exchanges (were supposed to) but instead they promised that they would by January 1st at the latest... How lame. And my guess is once they add BCH they will most likely start adding other big coins like XMR, DASH, etc. My guess is Coinbase wanted to sell all the BCH in the inital pump, and then catch this BCH train on the way up, and then buy more at dips so they can give the coinbase users their BCH they were supposed to have 4 months ago...

You said to hold and I sold. It was profitable at the time and I sold for BTC when the BCH was around 400 USD. Today would have roughly marked my "break even" if I would have held. Considering buying some BCH just to hodl and pretend I followed that advice 2 weeks ago.

Hold further as Jeff said. We can see the Segwit2x situation unfolding in November that may boost some hashpower over. Even if not, Bitcoin Cash use case is growing slowly but surely. For example switched from Litecoin to it.

Get it! Chinese people worked hard for that "free money" claim it! It is a test on the tech abilities of BTC users. DO NOT FAIL!

Uhh if steemit keeps growing like it is, it could easily surpass them all!!

Probably ETH will go to 5,000. Another 10 fold increase feels imminent. ETC will go to 700. I am using traditional banking system and paying tax still until I can get free of it, but I can in fact throttle my income by holding BTC, ETC, DASH, and LTC, turning my nose up at the inferior product which requires that I pay a tax when I earn more of it. Can you believe we still have an income tax in 2017?

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Bitcoin cash o my good! Btc dolll

Thanks for the tutorial

Bro, any coin that share the name bitcoin end with cash , will skyrocket it just needed some time for people to get familiar

Good Post, appreciate you

I hope the steem get somthing here too... I think soon steem up 3.10$
Because steem stands calmly For a long time.

Not buying it. for now.

Thank goodness. My fiance traded in all our BTC for BCH when he saw it spiking after it first got listed on exchanges. We had a big negative position since then. Looks like it is clawing back now. Phew! Now for ecosystem integration please so we can actually use it! is using it. Moving from Bitcoin to Litecoin then to Bitcoin Cash. Once the hashrate finds a good equilibrium by miner's calculation, then it likely will move forward. The Coinomi wallet for Bitcoin Cash is as good as Mycelium for Bitcoin.

Roger Ver admits to manipulation tactics for BCH -

.. I've been talking to two other very large large holding friends about a joint effort

Organic rally? Think again.

AriDavidPaul Ari Paul tweeted @ 17 Aug 2017 - 19:43 UTC

BCH volume most heavy on Korean exchanges. And check out Roger Ver's comment:

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Are you going to trust your own money to dev team that made BU network crash 3 times in 2 or 3 weeks? Good luck, you gona need it :)

Craig Wright behind bitcoin cash?

Nope he is not. He runs nchain and research.

Bitcoin Cash or any kind of mitosis/fork situation, requires a concept/proposal then a solid power of hashrate to get it off. The team of people behind it took several ideas and just implemented upon getting confirmation from several mining pools that were interested.

The whole bitcoin code is open-source. Any person can attempt a fork/mitosis (I call it mitosis). And many did. But without enough power behind it, ie. securing the blockchain and getting the blockchain going, ie. keeping it alive, is vital, and that part require miners.

Right, thanks for the explanation!

Go BTC! to da MOON!

The buffering on the videos is so bad. Will this be fixed?

Thank you for sharing :)

Bitcoin cash should be the real bitcoin. Doesn't increasing the block size has advantages over segwit and for "miners" too. Bitcoin's biggest advantage is its name.

Thanks for the information .. i am happy to see this news .. help devoted me

I was voter #420!!!

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