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What software you are using to edit the video?

Rally to continue yayayyyyy.

Well, it wont be long... BitPay adding Bitcoin Cash will be a knife to the heart of Bitcoin. Let the flippening begin.

Ripple > < Will go down like Bitconnect!

Year 2018 will be big for crypto! It's just getting started.

I hope the gains keep on coming so I can quit my regular job soon!

There'e no question that we are in the biggest move in crypto ever, in terms of USD.

It's been two months of watching the profits roll in, and hardly anyone can complain!

No question we've got plenty left to go, no need to sell yet:

Thank you @dollarvigilante for your continued contributions to the Steemit platform, and may 2018 continue to bloom into the biggest mega bull run we've all been watching and waiting for for so long.

keep calm and buy on, friends.

-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report

Screenshot 2017-07-24 at 10.50.28 PM.png


You're right, this market has been an amazing opportunity and I'm so lucky to have had a chance to take part.

Finding Steemit has only sweetened the pot!

Thank you all, keep on Steeming!


Yeah, I think anyone who was lucky enough to be part of Steemit at any point in 2017 probably has some Steem power that they are very happy about at this point.


The Anderson Report is a cryptocurrency outlook report that often focuses on specific coins and is written by yours truly, for Steemit exclusively.

You can follow me to catch it fresh off the presses!


Have to start reading this soon now.


I am waiting for the day to reach one trillion


The day will come soon.


1 1/2 trillon market cap by October this year


I think it will happen once the alt coin bubbles reach there peak but probably wont hold it for very long


Yeah, I'm hoping it'll hit 1 trillion then some of the weaker coins and pump and dumps get drained and the money goes into other projects.


We will certainly hit 1 trillion this year most likely. The question of when, at when will we hold it above that mark consistently.


One trillion would be cause for a big celebration. I think if we ended up hitting two trillion I would be at my moon with crypto.


sounds like you have to wait a week for that, so long (?)


crypto is growing every hour, so not long to wait)


just believe that is the key..


just believe that is the key..

i am very happy today, we are making our dreams become reality :)

I will never buy Ripple! Down with the banksters!

Still a lot of rooms to grow if you ask me. Look at the market cap of some fiat currencies

I feel like LTC will be truly shining star in this year!

The bankers have been moving massive chunks of stolen Fiat into Crypto. Did you see this?

Someone Just Bought $700,000,000 worth of Ripple. (CryptoLuke)


Its trading 2.6 so they made some big money:)

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

It's raining cryptos this 2018 @dollarvigilante! :)


U taking over


Love this photo. Is it public domain so I can use it?



I can still remember the days when Bitcoin first came out. Everyone was saying what a rotten idea and investment it would be, how it would soon burst and it would lead to bad news for all....... fast forward some years, and WOW!

It's great to see crypto doing so well out there! And if my dream last night is anything to go by, it'll continue to do well!! (I dreamed last night that Tron / TRX jumped to $100k in value per coin)

Crypto has completely transformed everything we knew about money.

I'm a huge fan of your work mr. Vigilante. You're engagement in Balkans is inspiring.
If you're into psychiatry and movies feel free to check my last post

Maybe see you in Liberland!
Support from the Croatian side! :)

Thanks GOD for bitcoin helping us with all the bills


Free humanity from the debt slave currency consumer rat race that is the modern economic system


thanks Mr Satoshi <3


all i can say is this technology has come at the right time !

No doubt, crypto is ruling thr world

Wow really...This ia very cool post..Thanks for sharing....

I am happy to see this. Thanks to @dollarvigilante for such post.

this is amazing, thanks for the information

Well, the rich are getting richer, the poor who knows crypto are getting richer too.

Thank you Jeff Berwick

sometimes I think people travel back in time and buy some cryptocurrency and then they become billionare. Luckyness doesn't work that way

Good news for the steem it. Gaining a big amount in just few days.... How much more for the upcoming days....

very informative blog thanks for sharing on steemit

Excellent post friend i like it @dollarvigilante


Yes. Question is where will the train go?

Crypto will certainly make people money. I'm sure a few will lose money as well. But I can see so many possibilities just in smaller coins. I say put your money where the greatest possibility of the greatest growth is. Getting in when a coin is a few cents or even a dollar or more for better coins, and waiting for huge returns, or for it to be worthless! It's really the only option for those with little money to invest, like me. What do you guys think? Good plan, or terrible?

Wow this is good information

He's been living in his own bubble for a long time....that's the problem

Everyone is waking up slowly but they are waking up. I was just at a party and I talked very long to people about cryptos, anarchy, government etc. I did not even try to bring up these subjects but they came up.... People are beginning to see it for what it is. I think all people want the same things and we all kind of know what's really holding us back (besides ourselves). The times are a changing and so is the world. It's going to be a lot easier for the anarchist and other liberty minded people to change the world very soon. We have already started but the changes will become very visible soon.


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The greatest supporter of the general crypto advertise top in the most recent month isn't even a digital money!

The biggest contributor to the overall crypto market cap in the last month is not even a cryptocurrency!

The total collapse of Central Banks is Imminent

I guess predictions do come true as
Hong Kong trader who is famous for correct Bitcoin prediction noted few days back that Bitcoin till end of December month will reach 25,000 USD mark and set highest price mark till date,

NO,come to my blog,that's great for sheemit!

your post is steady..

Crypto fever in the world in on top and as the same with new Ripple. It shows that it will increase even more than that.
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Jeff doesn't like Ripple, he called it a bankster coin. If Ripple becomes the universal currency, then what good are profits in a world controlled by banksters?

Now thats amazing <3 Just love the world of crypto

This is actually somthing to both cheer and worry about. The good part is the growth of cryptocurrencies (that means wider adoption). The bad news is that Ripple (that centralised poser) is getting way too much weightage in this bull run.


Yeah, what's the point in having a prosperous future if the future belongs to banksters? I think Monero is the polar opposite of Ripple.

Thanks to post this

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we will reach the target sooner

beautifull information sir @dollarvigilante
thakyou for helpfull information

Her marvelous success

I followed

Crypto is the new deal, the biggest river for fishermen to get fish now...

@princeyk @dollarvigilante #shalom

price is soaring along with silver and gold, interesting year thusfar

Thank You

Love the Cryptoworld <3

wow that is the power of God! Believe he can do more..

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Yo dollarvigilante Top Trending Steemian! ($830!)
Congrats on your Post!
Lately I been seein'
You been earning among the most! :-D
Just wanted to say Hi
And preview what's coming.
I'm a Newbie called RappingProf
And plan to soon be running
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I'll do it in a way beyond the norm.
Namely, in video rap form! :-)
Congrats to you for taking Steemit by storm! :-D

p.s. LOVED your post awhile back showing what you'd have earned if you'd invested $1000 on each of top five coins on Jan 1 2017!!
(what are your top five for 2018? ;-)

This is a remarkable phenomenon.
Will it be at 2 trillion by Jan 31st 2018?

Cool video man!
I have uploaded a teaser for my first original song and would be really happy to hear what you think of it :)

Why does it make that sound when you like comments?

Amazing Opportunity for us to build our career. thanks for share and subscribe you

I found a good use for my Fiat!

rotation from cheaper ones into the more expensive ones


I HATE that bankster coin with a passion :( fuck xrp

ripple will crash and panic the crypto n00bs!

Guys dont invest in btc or eth. ripple will go high in future

Jeff is right about bitcoin cash it’s so fash and costs next to nothing to send
I just sent funds from Coinbase to my wallet and it took less than one second and about $.03 it was faster than credit card 💳

I am glad to see T.D.V. putting principals before profitt. I too reject Ripple & will speak out against supporting any bankers scam. I didn't get into BitCoin for "fiat profitts", I got into crypto because it will end the fraudulent banking/state system of control.

ripple booms!

good news for this whole community. couldn't have imagined this last year.

I totally agree with you...Ripple is a Bankster Coin...I could imagine that it’s price could be manipulated by some of the big investment banks

Crypto is growing fast, 2018 is going to be an amazing year for all of us investors!

Is it worth to buy Bitcoins today or is it to late?

1 Trillion by end of month. 2 Trillion by March! 5 Trillion by end of 2018!!

dear The Dollar Vigilante
You simply just rock.

What a time to be alive.

My opinion is that we are starting a moment which we can call it the "billion coins", because if you have realized lately many coins with at least 1 billion have been entering the top 100 of the CMC which is causing the total capitalization to increase without brakes

what do you think about this?


Market Cap is really not the best way to measure a "coins" value, personally i think it should be based on transactional volume within its respective chain.

The number of coins is not the issue, its the coins without a finite supply, doesn't really matter if the coin needs to be split (.000003) or there is enough supply for one to be worth .3... The biggest piece of the value is the amount of liquidity in the system, need enough value for everyone to transact on a day to day basis. Now if the supply is not limited and someone has the ability to inject additional "coins", well just take a look at fiat.


you dont understand me, i trying to explain that many coins with billions of supply are doing increment the total market cap

hola ...que fantástico..te sigo siempre@pedro lavado

What do you guys think of EOS?

what you think in the future crypto is upvoting or not.

Ripple is like that fake homeboy that you just waiting on to switch up and act like a bitch on you but just don't know when.

Now is most certainly the time to invest in XRP (Ripple), I've put a sizeable amount of my own money into it because of how undervalued it is at the moment.

You are right, this market is giving us an amazing opportunity and I'm so lucky to have had a chance to take part and good experience

Finding Steemit has only sweetened the pot!

amazing and very ifomative