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Things are about to get serious now that the BTC, King of the Cryptos (for the moment) is making ripples all over the world and, especially, in the good ol'US of A! Thanks a lot for sharing this news with us. Namaste :)

What is happening to this world.

Does he really or is he doing PR for the rotchilds to make the public embrace the one world currency faster?

I'm a bitcoin investor myself thanks to you mainly, but at this is a point I'm really starting to wonder - zionists ALWAYS play one step ahead!


thing is, even if they weren't, they'd claim they were.

they are like microsoft, they don't innovate anything, but they steal it and make it seem like it was their idea.

and because they are so large, nobody but the few people around the original know the truth.

"Baby bring back the guillotine, it's time"

By the time these guys cotton on properly it will be too late. It’s already too late to stop the juggernaught!

Insecure person...

These guys are getting nervous. Not talking about bitcoin isn't working.


Yes, and they should be nervous because they’re a bunch of frauds. I say keep all of the naysayers out of bitcoin. Let them realize the extent of its impact when it’s too late for them to do anything.

No, no... Tell us what you really think. LOL
Things are getting nuts.

Subjective value theory! Yep!

This is the most crucial concept one needs to understand the cryptocurrency revolution.

Great video!

As always a great video Jeff! You are honestly one of my favorite content creators and I always look forward to your videos.
You are the guy who made me into an anarchist!

Thanks for all you do Jeff! Upvoted and resteemed! Check out his weird black eyes...creepy!

A very important news. Those people who like Bitcoin love Bitcoin. They should see this news. Those who are mixed with Bitcoin will miss a lot if they do not see this news.

I hope this post also helpful for our people.It's also already earn help to me from this post. So,thanks.

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Of course, BTC and other cryptos are an existential threat to the banking cartel. It's akin to serfs leaving the manors in medieval Europe.

US of Aggression, the land of the fear, Matrix-hooked tax cattle, and Truman Show of 1984 (that book).

Ive got an idea- why dont we audit the federal reserve- to show how transparent it is? That should shut stiglitz the fuck up. Bitcoin= 100% funded. Federal Reserve= Fractional lending = Its only really worth 10% of what it totals out to be. He probably eats janet yellens dusty old pussy.

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Whoa! The so-called "Economic Wizards" are going more crazy than before.