Bitcoin Smashes Through $9,000 As All BTC Forks Now Over $11,000

in dtube •  2 years ago 

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it is incredible, unstoppable!

and now its over $10000

Hopefully it goes straight to 10,000 which it looks like it might


Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?


of course it will ... even 15000

Whose dick do I got to suck to be allowed to put 15 tags on my post here on steemit? I'll wear lipgloss and everything!


Whoever doesn’t think that’s funny, don’t like girls

I see it going to 20,000 this time next year! The real knowledge based market folks like Mannarino do not see a bubble.


Could be even more. Last Xmas it broke 1000. This Xmas it will break 10k. So next Xmas we are up for 100k.

I wonder why this great post has fewer rewards


kleros tes tuches...

Berwick is from Edmonton, where I live. Good to see he was smart enough to leave!

No me gusta, me encanta!


a mi me encanta, no me gusta

Good news for me

excellent post but awesome video of carton & i love carton movies & videos

I sat and watched it go from 9k to 10

aint it all fake though? Goku, Bitcoin is here to save the world..!

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Bad news for me . I cannot afford it anymore. neither mine.

waooooooo amazing video of carton & bit coin is really going up