Truth on TV: Jeff Berwick Calls US Government World's Biggest Terrorist Organization on Live TV

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Originally broadcast by PressTV on September 1, 2017

PressTV is for Muslim Fascists behind the dictatorship in Iran. Try exposing the cult of Islam or anything to do with this dictatorship and the Iranian government lies and propagandas on their TV and see if they'll let you on or not. Of course they're gonna happily let you on as long as what you're saying helps them keep their audience on the track they want to keep them on ;]

Truth revealed decades ago on popular tv show:!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st
Spread the word, save the world!
Feed the government! Or was I looking for a different f word?

Let's be realistic. Iran is mostly Shia, and in comparison are far more moderate than the Salafists (which is backed by the USA). Don't get me wrong, I dont support the current Iranian regime, but I think the US should realign our alliances. Supporting Zenki Brigade... Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and supporting Salafi groups would just breed more Islamic terrorism. As we already have seen.

The G.O.A.T. Tell 'em like it is Berwick. The reporter could barely handle the truth bomb you dropped on him!

I agree.... @dollarvigilante for president...!

I like the way, you are telling them right in their face! :-)

HAHA!!! Got to call 'em out on LiveTV!!! Good for you! Upvoted and Resteemed.

Jeff, you really told it like it is, and on Iranian TV! That should have John McCain spitting fire! Good for you!

Jeff... you took the words out of my mouth!!! Shake em' tell thay woke bro!

ahah you needed balls to do it! XD

The beard looks good brother..................

So true what Jeff is saying. However, neither side is innocent.Lets start with that platform of press TV ,it is from Iran and we all know about human rights in Iran. A regime that constantly uses religion to suppress its peoples freedoms. The same can be said for Russia too,look at their actions in Ukraine. Putin always humiliates the opposition in his country, there is really no press freedom.So don't be too quick to judge, there are two sides to a story always :)

upvoted. Keep up the good work.

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The USA: the country spreading "democracy" with bombs and wars...

Smart man Jeff... he knows what's going down while the sheeple are confused... he holds BitcoinCash... much smarter than the average bear!

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Jeff is saying this ... Jeff is saying that...
Everybody else let's hide behind the Jeff's back.
If something happens to Jeff or he is not right about something ...
then Who the f... is Jeff I have no idea about that person

Lets say, they US government creates terrorists by interfering in other countries affairs and sending in the military.

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