Join The Dollar Vigilante at the Nexus Conference with Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Doug Casey & More

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End The Fed Block Party, Philadelphia, Sep. 9th:

The Nexus Conference, Aspen, Colorado, Sept 21 - 23rd:

World Blockchain Forum, London, Sept 25th-26th:

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Isn't NEXUS doing the same thing but maybe more than the company Blockstream is doing? ... Satellites...

Nexus want's to decentralize the internet...making the blockchain ecosystem more secure...decentralize decentralization....blockstream wants to monopolize bitcoin blockchain.

Any added perspectives here?

Having focused on blockstream the last several months, have no idea what Nexus is doing. First time probably most are hearing of them.

ya - nexus hasn't gotten much spotlight - it's been a real grass roots movement i've seen go from 30 million market cap to around 160 million market cap in the last few months...ever so quietly lololol.

Checkem out and let me know what you think - i foolishly sold a large position @ 1.20 thinking i had soo much time to buy it back...maybe even on a dip :) I mean i hardly heard anyone talking about them...

*Anyways, i wish i had all of those nexus coins i once did...probably a pretty common story in general in the crypto space...."wishing had HODL'D better!"

Jeff, could you upload your interview with Dan Larimer about EOS? Thanks, dude. #GoAnarchy!

This one?

Thank you for informing us about the conference @dollarvigilante, unfortunately I can not go, but maybe you will tell us what went on there, I'll attend :)

Ron Paul is my hero.

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Looks like a lot of fun👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

I'm not joining that lol!


I need to start going to thouse convention, Idk why I'm slacking

Will be trying Dtube when it's a bit more stable. Youtube is not for us anarchocapitalist. Thanks again Jeff. And perhaps can consider a Anarchopulco - Bali Edition - someday?

Looks like a lot of fun!

Would you like a spatula? For your bunghole?

Great idea. It's not gold or cryptos. It's both.

THIS FRIDAY! What do you think the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be from KOMODO Coin (KMD) traded on the crypto exchange?

hey i am unable to upload my videos to dtube
can you please suggest me something how you are doing that , i have even installed ipfs on my laptop but then also it is saying ipfs error.

Great to hear that you are at the Nexus conference!

Keep us updated on what is happening there XD

After talking with @heimindanger, I made a post with the latest stats of DTube and how well it is competing with Youtube. Do check it out! You are part of the stats @dollarvigilante :)

Cheers XD

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