Bit Coin 🍻

in dtube •  10 months ago

Drop it like it's hot 🤑

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Bitcoin Dudes be like:


Hahahaa :P

You're killin it!

The @dollarvigilante has the best content on Steemit!

Drop a sub it like it's hot.

-The Beached Whale

I tip my strippers in Litecoin.


Strippers perfer Bitcoin Cash because they want real money.

good job my brother

M still new to dtube I don't know it's work :(

Currently a DV subscriber and love the service. Thanks Jeff.

Lol nice vid

@dollarvigilante as if I was hot .. ?? ' hahaha as it is done to enter the news of the watchful dollar .. ??

I going to subscribe right now. @dollarvigilante is one of the best in steemit. Your content is superb.

Nice post

It will raise hotter than a hot air balloon. But hot air balloons do not reach the moon.. Or do they?

Are you going to do ads Jeff?

I always get hot dog with litecoin :)

ok going to subscribe now

HaHa! Nice!

Something for the future perhaps for those that are into things like that - whatever floats your boat I guess..

Dollar Vigilante sound very cool! Like a modern Italian street name :)

damn video won't load on the mac....... gonna go watch it on the wifes pc if possible.....