We Are Near The Bottom in Cryptos and 2019 Could See A Massive Price Explosion

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Jeff Berwick interviewed for Block TV, this interview was recorded at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv on January 8th

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Original interview from: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/dollar-vigilante-convinced-of-institutional-money-exploding-crypto-industry-as-btc-bottom-nears/

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Original Crush The Street interview here:

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I hope steems price in satoshis goes up, I could care less about the dollar value now it’s all about satoshis

2300 Btc bottom

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One thing I’ve got is Patience . Cheers


We need to have it right now. For sure it will be up again.

I am using Vaultoro to buy/sell gold using Bitcoin. Jeff interviewed the CEO of Vaultoro on Anarchast and I was sold. I highly recommend them. If you choose to sign up you can use my referral link below.


just sharing this article about a big exchange review and guide which i found newbie friendly might help some https://crypto.review/exchanges/kucoin/

Cant wait to prove all my Coworkers wrong, most of them think I'm crazy for investing into Bitcoin.

I think cryptos is still way over valued but your right, the lows are kinda close by.... I would like to see bitcoin at $2k 😬

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The most probably bit will be like this..the rate will nor recover till the previous hights..
Currencies are not on top? digital assets supposed to be instead. And there are some reasons why: https://u.to/Tdh9FA

The fundamentals are stronger than ever, this market it is driven almost completely by speculation however and on the chart it's looking more bullish than anything.

On a side note I have made a post documenting how easy it is to use the lightning network now and a way to get some free satoshis to test 🍻

It’s gonna get messy quick this year, we will feel tremors in every aspect of society.

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For sure, especially when it comes to the political field. So much uncertainty with Brexit, Frances protests, Italy's debt, the US's border Crisis, and the Immigration crisis in Europe... 2019 is already going to be a hell of a ride and its only January.


It really does feel orchestrated, use our uprise against us. Interested to see how it all plays out, some good some bad but existence will continue 😉

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2600 BTC


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Fiat money is dead!!!!!! Cryptos = the future.

2018 finished lower than expected but still made gains... Looking forward to a great 2019 year, feeling a huge climb!

@dollarvigilante, thank you for sharing with us this video. But, the crypto market is still in Bear Market. So I think it is still early to say that we are at/or close to a bottom.

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This is the year I can finally start to invest properly and hopefully I have not missed to much. From my experience I have do done and crypto is the future and more people are coming around to this, they just need the confidence and guidance. As it is seen more and used more (especially here in the UK, where the media are fighting hard against it) people will jump on board, were in for a good year 💯🐒

Lets just hope that at least a few billion dollars will go into Steem.

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