Regulation vs Anarchy: A Last Chance to Free Humanity

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Gidi Bar Zakay takes the side of regulation and Jeff Berwick takes the side of Anarchy in this debate at the Israeli Bitcoin Summit 2019

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Topics include: how much regulation is appropriate for cryptocurrencies? realizing self ownership, do we actually need government? regulation vs privacy, tyranny vs liberty, internet, blockchain and democracy, the immutable database, taxation is extortion, deciding the fate of humanity, brainwashing vs freedom, Bitcoin an asset or a currency?

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Playing now. AMEN!! Thanks for waking me up. God Bless..

Watching it now! Can’t wait to watch Jeff slay!

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Great argument and projection for the future. I just can't wait to see the moment when the sheep realise crypto is the future and the government comes crumbling down. Just hope it's in my lifetime 💯🐒