Does dTube even work at all?

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After several unsuccessful attempts at uploading, I'm giving up on dTube. When I first messed around with it a couple of years ago, I had no problem uploading videos; but after a recent message from them about new stuff going on, I went back to check it out.

I don't know what the deal is... but then again, I've all but given up on Steem because of all the kindergarten drama they had going on with people deciding some posters didn't deserve the rewards they were getting and decided to downvote them and punish everyone who upvoted them. I'm talking about the childish drama involving haijinlee or whatever his fucking name was, and all the fucking trolls this platform seemed to attract who were big fat assholes.

So back to the point.... I've tried several times to upload to dTube and it just doesn't work. I'm only at the point of writing this because, unfortuntatly, this problem with dTube has become indicative, in MY mind, of all the problems that all of steemit seems to have. That is... who really gives a fuck?

Change my mind.... is this platform worth continuing to pay attention to?

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