Gear Casey Neistat Uses in 2019? [What Camera Gear Does Casey Use?]

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Gear Casey Neistat Uses in 2019? [What Camera Gear Does Casey Use?]

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Hey guys, welcome to D-News on the steem blockchain. Bringing you the latest in the steem sphere & Personal development and some of our photo/video work from our company as well! We have over 100,000 social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram on all our accounts put together and we’re just so excited to be on the steem blockchain!

My goal here is to share relevant news, tips, and any other helpful information to you. We cover anything and everything in the crypto world & personal development, including the @dtube and steemit realm.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know and I’ll be happy to hear from you! Every once in a while I’ll share some of our videos that we do for events and weddings :)

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Well well well cool video and interesting topic(s) @dnews.
Didn't know that you wrote a book :O I like that you went out and recorded stuff / timelapses and the little sidenote about that guy in the zoo was funny lol

I think that casey just isn't such a camera nerd like you haha.

And of course your message is gold mate. I am using my smartphone (note7 and now s9+) since the first minute on dtube and I am fine with that :D
Additionally I own a mavic 2 pro and rarely I am using a cheap actioncam for traffic timelapses.


P.S. What is wrong with your sound? Is it just me? :P I think you could keep some sidenotes out of the video to make it more exciting without spoilering the jokes :P

Where the hell do I start.....very cool buddy, just friggen awesome!! Your point is totally correct, the journey is what it’s about, develop with the journey not the best equipment. Gold mate, just gold.
It look led freezing!!!!!!!

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