What is steem in the simplest terms without the technical ➕ an overview of some of the DApps

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Today I decided to do a tutorial simply explaining Steem by showing the value in the Dapps without all the blockchain talk. I plan to show this to my friends when they ask me what steem is. I did not go through all the Dapps but the ones I use and the top 15 there about, using state of the DApps website. I think this is a good way to introduce steem to new people so they can see the value quickly. Though I could have done this better, I will probably tweak it or do it again as time goes by.

It is a long video, but feel free to skim through and aslo think of doing similar content building on the idea. Thanks for viewing!

Here is the Youtube link as well



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I believe steem is the best. I waiting when steem will be 1-2 $ ;p

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Better than all the rest 🎶 haha I agree , we could be bias but I really do think it is the best 😬✨

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This was a very nice video, maybe you should do it on YouTube that more people can see it. Thank you for your work!

Thanks! I appreciate your comment! Lost a lot of sleep getting this video up! Already up on google tube, gonna spread it around in the socials. Blessings

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Heya! Great video. I've just watched it. Thanks for mentioning me, I'm honoured!!! :-)
You've showed a lot of apps, excellent roundup. And at the end you showed a few apps I had never heard about, I need to investigate! :-D

Thanks for making this video. I think the newest users need these kind of posts to know there are more to Steem than just SteemIt. Well done!

Glad you found some value in it man!
Of course , you are doing interesting things man, really using the block! Your art curation post made a good example of a unique idea others could gain from.

Even I didn’t know about some of those DApps lol. I think I’ll put the YouTube link posts in in the future to spread it more. Thanks man

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You're like me, with SteemMonsters, but maybe we should try it. My friends are earning 30 to 40 STEEM a week. And they've just started it.

Hmmm , wouldn’t hurt , just gotta build up the vibe. I wish they had street fighter on steem, I’d kick some serious ass in tournaments 💥

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The STEEM is the future, that's all :)

Indeed it is bro! Indeed it is! Long time no see:)

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