thanks a lot, yes in another videos she sing more but only little stuffs, its an instrumental music and her voice its like another instrument, she isnt singer at all, she don´t have that hability, she never sing in her entire life so, she don´t have tune voice or sing well at all but cause of that I use a special treathment for her voice with my microphone in a solo chanel for put several effects: reverbs, delays, flanger, chorus and another´s echoes for give here voice that kind of sound that I wanna: the dub side of the moon singers but more cosmic :D so I thing was very cool, she never sing before, and only she sing for me 20 minutes and I had to work with that few voices, she was very nervous and don´t like at all her voice but later she listen the mixed voice word that I made and she love it :D so both are glad with the final result, blessings and thanks a lot for passing by and listen

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