What is Actifit ? A Quick start Guide ( A @Blocktrades & @SteemOnboarding Contest )

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Good Day ALL,
Hope it has been fabulous thus far.

This is actually my second time around doing a video for @actifit. I did one about 1 month and a half ago just for the love of the app. This time I thought let me see how I could improve on that last video by entering a contest put on by @steemonboarding and @blocktrades, brought to my attention by @coruscate who is a team member of steemonboarding.com.

@Actifit is a DApp on the steem blockchain that rewards your fitness activity by tracking it via the actifit Fitness tracker mobile application which you can find Here for IOS
& Herefor Android.

The application tracks your activity throughout the day and then when you are ready, you can post your activity to steem where a the community can view and interact with your post giving you rewards in the form of upvotes and the much needed support we need to stay on the fit train. @actifit also has it's token called AFIT which you also earn for you daily activity. These tokens can be exchanged for upvotes via their website https://actifit.io/ using the wallet function. In the near future, these tokens can be used to by sports goods, equipment and gym subscription. Check out this amazing DApp today. Follow them on discord and ask them any questions you may have. https://discordapp.com/invite/aHtcA6r

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Thanks being super active with Actifit and all the wonderful DApps family of STEEM


No doubt ! Respect fam! I wanna know the killer DApps before the masses and here is where they are on steem :)

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Very cool review, @dmilliz. Thanks for sharing... and good luck for the contest!


Thanks man!
It would be nice, but if I don’t, it’s like I’ve already one by being featured in ocd curation 😎

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Thanks for the entry @dmilliz! Looks like you misspelled the tags - should be blocktrades and blocktradescontest - then I can have a blocktrades vote put through for your entry! :)


Thanks, just edited. I don't know why I keep calling the account blocktraders instead of blocktrades but good think you pointed that out.

Actifit ♥ LOVE #steem ♨ On !

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Respect man! Indeed a cool DApp!

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