Persevere, Even When Doubt Is In The Air

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Persevere: To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

On my walk today the keyword that came to my mind was “persevere”. Before doing this vlog I asked God for the words to say. Someone needs to hear this today and hopefully it inspires them to persevere.

Ps: I had to persevere to get this video up:)

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I agree my friend. We must persevere. If you pray to God for hmm more patience He Will not give you patience, He Will give you situations where you will have apportunity to be patient. If you will pray for persevere He Will not give you perseverance but situations where you will can try be more persevere. If we imperfect humans know what is good for our children, how our perfect merciful Lord cant know what is good for us? Just think about this :) sorry for my English is not good

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Thanks for your comment man. Very good points. God gives us experiences so we can learn and better our spirituality. And many times without even asking for a certain trait, God will prepare us to better ourselves by putting us through the experiences giving is the characteristics that will prepare us for life.
Blessings bro.

Perseverance is one of the virtues that I am always striving to do because of my goals in life that I wanted to achieve and I thank God that I have steem community that I can reach out so that I can alleviate my discomfort in my life @dmilliz

Blessings @cryptopie keep on persevering , I see you doing it daily, your spirit is powerful bro. Glad to be a part of your steem journey. I am telling you, you inspire many, and are about to inpsire many more. Stay blessed bro.

I like your positivity. And I think you are right. It doesn't really matter how much succes in business is, also on Just living in devotion and unbiasedly. No expentacions and god is with you more than before. <3

Thank you.
Yes, we must enjoy the journey, many blissful experiences if we just look around on the way to our goals. No expectations, just do our best and enjoy the ride, the rest will fall into place. Blessings and thanks for your comment:)

Very wise words @dmilliz. Especially when you say "enjoy the journey while persevering" This is soooo important. And I can honestly say IAM :)

Thanks for the comment man. Glad you are doing it how it suppose to be done. Let’s build this block through perseverance:)

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Thing is there's always need to try the last lap of the race even if failure seems like certainty really. In a nutshell perseverance is the only thing we have left to hold on to. Beautiful VLOGy friend.

Thanks for the comment man. Indeed perseverance is all we have left and it will pay off, especially here. All those people who left steem because of falling prices really can't see the bigger picture. They will be back but it will be a different world to them. One that we are used to.