A lucid/ liccid dream influenced by power stones?

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Hey steem Team, whats good?

It is 4:53 in the morning as I write this, I was woken up by.......the shits, really need to start eating healthier, hmmm didi I even eat anything bad though ? LOL. Too much info? Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

Anywhos I decided to post this video I made a while back, not sure why I didn't post it before ( oh yeah, fear of judgment and all those stupid human traits hahaha)

I had a lucid dream as vivid as day, but get this, the reason I think I had this lucid dream was because I was wearing some power stones that my brother sent me from Jamaica via where-ever LOL.

Oh shit I fvked up the thumbnail, wtf is a “liccid” dream? Well you know what , I’m gonna invent that word:) A liccid dream, is a lucid dream that happens while wearing power stones, BOOM💥 problem solved.

I won't write about the dream here, I'm fvking sleepy, maybe I'll edit tomorrow though, but the message in the dream is loud and clear. BUT TELL ME WHAT YOUR INTERPRETATION IS.

See the power stones in the pic below. I only know two of the names. The blue with gold specs ( my favorite) is called Lapis Lazuli and the yellow one looking like a bee is called bumble bee jasper ( that shit actually comes from volcanoes).

Thanks for viewin..... ( falls asleep, biggest snore you ever heard )


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cool man. maybe it's placebo?
i'd love to be able to control wet dreams tho ㅇ_ㅇ

I don’t know but I haven’t had a lucid dream in a minute but that night I just wore the stones and boom!

Hahaha Wet dream control would be nice! Hmmm wish they had a power stone just for that 💥

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Yooo homie I think the white is a moonstone. I’m almost positive! Idk if you should be wearing all those at once??lol you funny though. Can’t wait to check out the video!!

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Yo , genna ( that’s what they’d say in jamaica , means next generation , cool kid etc)
You are right , it is a moon stone , did a lil googling! Ah that’s true , all those vibrations may not be so good . Hahaga. ! Thank you !

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