Own Your Identity and Stay YOU!!!

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Good day steemiverse!
Hope all is well!

In this semi shit post vlog I talk about owning your identity and guarding it from being influenced by others.

We as humans have a natural tendency to adopt the ways of the people we spend time with. While this may not be a bad thing , it may find you conforming to their beliefs and diluting your own if you are not careful.

That is why it is important to own your identity ( the things you believe in, like, care about, what makes you YOU) embrace it and express it, without the fear of judgment.


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Yep it's good no nonsense stuff you post about.

I know for some people It's hard sometimes to own who you are especially in a work environment where you have Superiors you're around and feel obligated to have a similar mentality as them.

But OWN it no matter what the consequences will be

Thanks for your comment man!
Well I mix it up a bit , I even do comedy, but this week it’s no nonsense! Indeed man ! Own it and love it without fear ! I’m gonna visit your blog in the AM, real late here , ahh work. Thanks my man

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I am listening to your song while I read your words about continuing to be yourself despite external influences, and I applaud your words and also your music, here another happy follower for your list <3

Hey , thanks man ! Glad you done into the vid and the music ! Really appreciate it ! Gonna check you out my man! Blessings bro !

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I had no idea you were a musician. Do you make a living of it? I mean, is it your main profession?

Yeah , still trying to find my way. I do waaaaaay too many things but I enjoy them. I’d like it to be one of the mains. E-commerce and a bit of teaching are the bread winners now . Wanna ax the teaching though , too boring lol

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Respect mi general ! 💯

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Thanks man

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Oh, man, that's a powerful message. You motivate me so much. I love your content @dmilliz and I will tell everybody about that. I like when you said that you love money, that's so true and most people are here for that. Some of them when they see that my steem name contain the word ''money'' start to tell me that all I care about is ''money''. lol

You are right, there is no issue in loving money, there is no issue in loving girls and expensive stuff. I'm proud of you saying that. You deserve respect.

I've seen a lot of people also afraid to share something about steem in facebook and other social media. What they are afraid of ? Why sharing a useless picture is ok, but sharing something about grat cryptocurrency and platform and community is not ok.

I hope more people will get your message. Thanks for the motivation. As always you rock. ☺

Thanks man ! Glad you like the message ! So many of us have been taught to not love money, of course we not gonna put it over people but you gotta respect it in any form. As @josediccus said in one of his vlogs , too many people here are fronting like they are not here to make money, only saying what sounds good! The way I see it , community is good , money is good and I’m here for both!

A lot of peeps , they will share to Twitter because maybe none of their friends are there but they not gonna post anything about steem on their Facebook or Instagram. And if thats what they choose to do it’s ok ! But we gotta own our identity , if you are on the blockchain , that is a part of your identity. Thanks for the comment bro

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Real medz bro... Straight yaady.. U know the thing guh... Blessings

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