dear delegators: THANK YOU FOR 5K SP

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We are celebrating 5000 STEEM POWER just by delegations!

Friends & Supporters of @diytube:

I have nothing to give than pure appreciation for your engagement and support! We are curating many many artists, crafters, trainers and more every single day and we are driven by your huge delegation.

We are thankful for your trust while staying focused on improving our work with curation and promotion of creators on @dtube!

If you want to jump on the boat by delegating some of your SP to our service, feel free to check out the video above!

If you dont know what diytube is, feel free to check out this video:

Our service is fully non-profit and you'll receive 100% of your delegation back!

We dont take any maintenance or work fees and want to stay this unique non-profit curation service on the steem blockchain!

BIG shoutout to all our delegators:

another BIG shoutout to our curation team for their work:

@jozef230 @kaerpediem @makinstuff @blind-spot @sodom @emsonic @priyanarc @tibfox @roger.remix @enjoycompany

You want to be on this list ? Just add the tag #diytube to your video!

This is service is fully non-profit:

  • 100% of all rewards are going directly back to the delegators via weekly payouts!
  • Curators receive 1 DIY Token (on with every single curation

If you would like to support this service don't be shy and:

  • follow our channel @diytube
  • upvote and resteem this post (all rewards are going directly to the delegators)
  • delegate to our service and raise the voting value for following curations
    (25SP 50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP 1000SP2000SP)

This service is part of @theinnerblocks
Join our discord to get in touch with us:

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@tibfox many thanks for bringing me on board of the @diytube Steem Space Crusader, for making it possible & for all your effort you put in to make Steem a source of (in)credible content! Not to forget the fun part 😆

Shoutout to the #dtubefamily, content creators and last but not least to the Curators and Delegators! Steem on!! ✊

Much more to come 😎

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This is the first time I see this @diytube or heard of it.
It sounds awesome and fun.


Thx bro!

Hi! When we can sell DIY tokens? Not offers in steem-engine.

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You can sell if people want to buy ;) the DIYToken has no real value because we don't have a fitting business plan to increase value. But that will come in future someday. Thx for your patience

Gimme 60% of the total supply and I write you - or rather me 😄 - the best business plan you can imagine 😉
.. hold on, wait a sec, that's exactly what Ripple did 🙄🤔

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@jozef230 We have to create a demand first. Steem Engine is missing market makers. But once there's a real use case you don't wanna sell them 😉 if you do, what's your offer? I'm gonna buy them all 😁

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Yes I know but in future I want to sell sometimes my tokens😀 I have only 12 DIY tokens. Cumulate long term😀 but thank you for stopping.

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@jozef230 ok, let me know! I'll be there to buy them 😎 Or you place an order on Steem Engine and let the (not yet existing) market decide

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@jozef230 now that I'm rich in Palcoins I'm gonna buy your DIYs 🤑 what's your offer?

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Hahaha! I see today 170% up! Yestarday I think buy but I buy DEC😀 DIY is my😀 Look SPT splinterlands I feel good vibration🤑

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Excelente project.

Really Happy to be a part of DIYtube Family...

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