Project77 profile: What is @diytube ?!

in dtube •  3 months ago

Hello my fellow steemians and dtubers!

In this video I am responding to @nathanmars' call for the Project77 Profile of @diytube!

And also I am telling you that this service will be nonprofit soon! (This profile will be updated soon)

If you want to know:

  • what is @diytube
  • how does it work
  • how can you help
  • what will come in future

Please take your time to watch this video :)

A big big thank you to all delegators:
@hafizullah @onnovocks @runicar @sodom @vincy @tibfox

And thanks also to all the curation team members for their work:
@svengadget @artakush @onnovocks @sodom @rest100 @goldendawne @enjoycompany @kaerpediem @vincy @zainenn @makinstuff @sudutpandang @buttcoins @jozef230 @tibfox

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments!


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I may bring my crafting videos to the blockchain after all 😄

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Yeahhh dude ! That would be great :D would love to see these Pokémon growing from these crazy perls haha
You are a geek :D


How insulting! Haha joking

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Best #diytube ... 😎👍

Ceguera becomes a Nirlaba ...


Ich verstehe nicht :P

But thanks for being in the team!


Hehehe ... kein prablem @tibfox .....
Vielen Dank an alle Teams ..

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very nice


Thanks a lot :) if you are interested to help, just contact me mate!


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"


Absolutely true mate!

This is awesome! it is my ultimate mission to share as much DIY content here on steemit and as possible. Does a diytube discord group exist yet? Would you be available to come on the @meadowsandmakers podcast sometime?


Hey sorry for the late resonse... Normally we are not logged in actively :D

  1. Nope. We designed the whole project with the purpose to not use discord because we believe that the steem blockchain is enough to communicate :)

  2. Your second question is yeah of course I (@tibfox) would love to be in your podcast some day!

We are currently changing some background things regarding

  • the payout of the delegators and
  • rewarding curators with tokens

and all these changes will happen soon.
After this I will surely be open to join your podcast!
Just contact me on discord: tibfox_Norman#5331 :)


Cool, Already have several DIY posts. Last one is about pimping my fishing kayak

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Great project. DIY is soo big. And it deserves the attention as it brings value to our blockchain.

Thanks for doing this @diytube

Congratulations @diytube!
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I have learnt so much from DIY's .. :D