Patrick Smith on Liberty After Dark - Agorism, Parenting, Activism

in #dtubelast year

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About the free will: yes, or consciousness "sits" in our brains; our brains are bond by the laws of the reality, so it is possible to "manufacture" someone with exactly (for example) my "free will" .... but .... my "copy" would then needs to have my exactly DNA, exactly my history of life (every second, every previous event and every previous choice) ... so its mathematically almost impossible ...
And that still doesn't depreciate the importance of the possibility to make choices for every conscious living being.

Saw the video: Should people threaten their rulers. (they are not my rulers ;) )

The guy was talking about agenda 21

You might want to look at it. (if you haven't already)

I see it happening all around me.

It's horrible to know what it is and how it is coming about. There is however resistance.

(I reply here I don't do youtube or facebook)

another one - 3.30 min

Corbett also has some video's on it.

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