Who is @adm In Steemit? Why Is This Account Abusing It's Steem Power Freely? Steemit Is Centralized!

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Who is @adm? Why Is This Account Abusing It's Steem Power Freely? Part 2: https://steemit.com/steemit/@dineroconopcion/who-is-adm-why-is-this-account-abusing-it-s-steem-power-freely-part-2

Please do let me know in the comments below if any of my Steemit post is breaking the Guidelines. It's pretty obvious that steemit dont care about their small users and whales are able to do whatever they please while everyone is too afraid to say or do something about it.

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si no ay @adm nadies responde

Why don't you simply contact the steemcleaners on steemit chat or discord? I don't see how making multiple posts is going to help you. If I remember right the @adm is account of steemcleaners to down vote.

As for steemit being centralised I thought you understood how steemit works when you were going around saying you will be investing in steemit.


I know how steemit works otherwise I wouldnt think about investing into it. But you probably didnt see the whole video. I re post the same post because the first post about it was downvote, another thing that is clearly stated at the beginning of the post. I try contacting them in Discord and they are ignoring me.

great questions... knowledge is power